This Popular Tourist City Is So Safe Some People Leave Their Valuables Unattended

There are a million reasons more people ought to travel. Traveling and experiencing other cultures is an incredible and eye-opening experience. It's an exciting opportunity to eat delicious food, learn about global history, and escape from the monotony of daily life. Aside from having fun and unforgettable experiences, travel also offers profound experiences that give us a deeper appreciation for other people and the planet. Travel increases our understanding of different cultures and helps us experience more empathy and humanity. There are plenty of barriers that make travel difficult, like cost, taking time off work, and health reasons. Sadly, safety concerns are another primary reason some people feel unable to travel. According to the U.S. Travel Association, 9% of Millennials and Gen X cite safety and security concerns as a barrier to travel. The number is even higher for Baby Boomers, many of whom are entering retirement, which is a prime time to travel.

It's healthy to use caution when traveling, even if you're merely traveling to a nearby city on a day trip. Common sense and good judgment are crucial, but fear of safety should never bar anyone from experiencing the wonders and joys of travel. There are plenty of beautiful, fascinating, and safe destinations to choose from around the world. If you're looking for one of the safest places to visit so you can enjoy a stress-free travel experience, consider booking a trip to Singapore. This bustling, multi-cultural city is continuously rated among the safest cities in the world.

Visiting Singapore, the safest city in Asia

Petty theft is one of the most common problems for travelers all over the world. Violent crimes are less common, but many seasoned travelers have experienced being pickpocketed or had an unattended item snatched at some point. Tourists are particularly easy targets for anyone with sticky fingers. In Singapore, however, petty theft is highly uncommon. In a viral TikTok video, a user called @uptin decided to put Singapore's reputation to the test. He set his laptop up in a Starbucks and then left the building. When he returned, his laptop was right where he left it, untouched and unbothered. While we wouldn't recommend testing this theory for yourself, it's a great example of how safe you'll be on a trip to Singapore.

Singapore is considered the safest country in Asia. The 2023 Global Peace Index ranked Singapore as the 6th safest country worldwide. In the Safety and Security category, Singapore ranks number four. According to the Singapore Police Force Annual Crime Brief 2023, there were 277 days that year without robbery, or vehicle theft. Violent crime is an infrequent occurrence. In 2023, there were only 63 recorded instances of violent or serious property crimes in the country. Singapore is significantly safer than the United States, which ranks 129th on the Global Peace Index. While the chance of falling victim to a crime isn't zero, travelers can rest assured that they will most likely have a safe and stress-free visit to Singapore.

What makes Singapore so safe

People who live in Singapore have a high quality of life, contributing to the low crime rates. That being said, it's also one of the most expensive countries to live in, and poverty is still a problem. It is one of the countries where international travelers spend the most money. 

In the viral TikTok, Uptin claims that most people in Singapore "live pretty well" and have their basic needs met through government programs. Although the government of Singapore is working on plans to eliminate poverty, and social programs do exist, many families struggle to make ends meet. Income inequality is one of the country's significant challenges.

Some studies indicate that there is a strong correlation between income inequality and higher crime rates, making Singapore's safety somewhat counterintuitive. In his TikTok video, @uptin mentions a culture that values honesty and fairness, but the real reason crime rates are so low might be slightly darker. Singapore takes law and order very seriously and has some of the strictest laws in the world, with harsh punishments for criminals. Even chewing gum is banned there. Petty crimes can result in jail time and controversial corporal punishments like caning. Heavy surveillance is present throughout the country, leading to criticism that Singapore has quickly become a surveillance state. Laws apply to locals and tourists alike, so while you may be safe from crime – just make sure you know the law so you don't accidentally break the rules yourself during your visit.