Safely Store Cash While On A Cruise With This Hack That Only Requires An Item In Your Cabin

When you're on a cruise, you might want to stash some cash in your room just in case you need it. One great hack to know before boarding your cruise ship is to put your money in an empty travel shampoo bottle to keep it out of sight. This means you have extra cash in case you need it for the cruise casino, in port, or to go shopping. If you get one with a wide enough neck, you can even put jewelry inside it too.

The best thing about this hack is that you can put your shampoo bottle in your toiletry bag or on a shelf in your cabin and it will blend it with everything else. As intruders generally want to quickly grab things of high value, they are less likely to go through toiletry bags. So next time you're packing for your cruise, make sure an empty shampoo bottle is at the top of your list.

Other safety tips for cruising

Another way to keep your possessions secure is by utilizing the safe in your room if one is available. It is also important to keep your balcony door closed and locked overnight, as it is easy to forget when you want some sea breeze in your room. Hotel workers can easily get into rooms when they are window cleaning or doing maintenance if it is left open.

If you become friendly with your cabin steward, it can help keep you safe as they will know who is supposed to be in your cabin. This means they will be more likely to notice if anyone else tries to gain access to your room. Just make sure to reward them with a tip at the end! In general, it is good to know as much as possible about ship security as that can help you feel safe while you are onboard. When leaving the ship, it is even more vital to be aware of your personal safety.

Cruise safety tips when off the boat

The first thing you should do before you get off the ship is to take off any wristbands or merchandise that marks you out as a cruise passenger. If you're seen as being a tourist who doesn't know the area very well then you could be targeted by sellers, touts, or thieves. You could also consider getting a moneybelt where you can put any valuables or cash so that they are hidden out of sight. As moneybelts don't take up much space, they can easily be concealed underneath your clothes.

It is helpful to keep your cellphone charged so that you can contact the boat if necessary, just make sure to have the telephone number of your liner with you. If you are going on any excursions that you've booked independently, it is important to do your due diligence on the company to make sure they're highly rated before you go anywhere with them. If you follow all of these top tips, you're bound to have a wonderful cruise journey you'll never forget.