Swim In The Sky At The World's Highest Infinity Pool With Unforgettable City Views

There's no denying that residents of Dubai are "swimming" in a city of luxury. According to a study by Money.co.uk, Dubai ranks among the top 20 most luxurious cities in the world. Particularly when it comes to the hospitality industry, this city is adept at curating luxurious accommodations for its visiting guests. With an impressive collection of upscale, elegant hotel brands, you can rest easy knowing it won't be hard to find a luxury abode that suits your style and lifestyle preferences. 

Given these impressive rankings, it's not surprising that Dubai isn't just home to a spectacular collection of luxury retreats — it also houses a record-breaking infinity pool with captivating views that overlook the city skyline. This iconic infinity pool, located in the elegant Address Beach Resort, isn't the only Guinness World Record holder in this city, by far. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has an extraordinary 425 world records, many of which are in Dubai, achieving first place among record-holding countries in the Middle East.

With a flourishing team of pioneering engineers and infrastructure specialists, Dubai has been able to forge a new path when it comes to innovative technology, and the infinity pool at the Address Beach Resort is just one example. The city is known for some rather intricate and unusual feats of architecture, including the world's largest underwater mall aquarium, the largest laser show, and the largest floral arrangement. However, it's easy to agree that setting your sights on the city's incredible infinity pool should be at the top of your bucket list when traveling to this luxurious urban area. 

Unwind in paradise, 77 floors closer to the clouds

The Address Beach Resort — an oasis nestled at the shoreline of the Arabian Sea. While the sand and sea await guests just steps from the grand entryway, high in the sky is a view few resorts can compete with. The infinity pool atop this regal resort is perched on the 77th floor, the pinnacle of Address Beach Resort's 964-foot-high building. Stretching 311 feet long and 54 feet wide, its perimeter parallels the coastline with spectacular 360-degree views of the world's tallest observation wheel, the Ain Dubai and Jumeirah Beach. This lavish infinity pool lives up to its reputation, with private poolside cabanas, sunbeds, gazebos, and a full snack menu to curb your cravings. Open from 9 a.m. until sunset, there's no better place to toast to the occasion while watching the last rays of the sun sink into the Arabian Sea.

Unfortunately, the pool is reserved for exclusive access and is open only to hotel guests aged 21 and over. However, checking into the Address Beach Resort isn't the worst idea in the world — certainly not with their deluxe sea view suites, signature spa treatments, state-of-the-art fitness center, and nearly a dozen restaurants to select from. The resort also has 443 luxury serviced apartments for guests seeking a long-term residence in this skyscraper. And, while they may not be on the rooftop, Address Beach Resort also contains two additional swimming pools open to guests of all ages, complete with manicured lawns and direct beach access.

Chart-topping swimming pools of the world

Architects around the globe are pulling every string to compete with this hotel's pinnacle masterpiece. A strong contender to the infinity pool at Address Beach Resort is the outdoor pool atop Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. While elevated 1,060 feet off the ground on the hotel's 57th floor, it doesn't compare in views or height but still maintains the record for the largest outdoor pool in the world.

Obviously, the infinity pool atop Address Beach Resort should be your first stop, should you find yourself in Dubai. However, this city is home to more than one impeccable swimming pool, and you might as well make the most of your trip. Aura Sky Pool is another chart-topping pool and a next-door neighbor to Address Beach Resort, just 10 minutes away. Only one floor behind the infinity pool winner, this Aura Sky Pool measures 82 feet long atop the Aura Dubai Marina Tower. 

Even after scoping out the competition and taking in the views of Address Beach Resort's competitor pools, there's still only one clear winner. The panoramic city views from the edge of the pool, combined with the sheer height and luxury of the hotel itself, haven't been touched by any of Dubai's luxury beach resorts. Next time you fancy a leisurely pool day, consider placing this lavish infinity pool at the top of your bucket list.