The Common Type Of Clothing To Avoid Wearing While Visiting This European Country

If you've traveled to Europe from another part of the world, you likely discovered how different the local fashion can be from your hometown. Sometimes, it all comes down to style, as is the case in chic destinations like Paris. At other times, the clothing norms are dictated by the local weather, lifestyle, and even laws. In any case, tourists need to be cautious of the clothing they pack on a trip to Europe. This is especially true for travelers visiting Austria. 

In a typical year, the Central European nation welcomes over 46 million tourists, making it one of the 15 most visited countries in the world (per Austria's Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy). However, many of those visitors will likely stand out if they come to Austria wearing shorts. Despite Austria being one of the birthplaces of lederhosen, the traditional cropped pants often associated with yodelers and Oktoberfests, shorts aren't a common sight in cities like Vienna and Graz, even during the summer. Unless you want to make it clear that you're an outsider (and become a target for tourist traps and scams), you might want to rethink this popular summertime garment.

What to wear when visiting Austria

Austria may be cold in the winter, but the country is known to heat up during the summer. Don't be surprised if the mercury rises to 95 degrees Fahrenheit between June and August. Dressing appropriately is crucial for comfort and health — you wouldn't want to suffer heat stroke during your trip — but don't assume shorts are the only way to go. Skirts and dresses are one alternative that keep your legs cool and offer a refreshing breeze. While traveling, you'll find that these garments are the go-to for many fashionable women in Austria. 

However, note that short, revealing skirts aren't the norm in the traditionally Catholic country. If you feel more comfortable wearing pants, you won't go wrong with a pair of tailored bottoms in a lightweight fabric. For instance, tailored linen pants look smart while keeping you cool. Capris can also be a happy medium for those who are used to wearing shorts, as they reveal some skin without looking overly casual.

There are some exceptions to the rule

Europeans, in general, are often stereotyped as being firmly anti-shorts, and as fashion trends evolve and loosen up, this image isn't as true as it might've been in the past. In countries across the continent — including Austria — there are times when locals and tourists proudly sport shorts while out and about. According to 2021 findings by the International Energy Agency, Austria's average annual temperature is increasing more rapidly than the global average, and heat waves are becoming more and more commonplace. With these shifts, you may notice more Austrians embracing shorter hemlines to beat the heat.

Another point to consider is the style and design of your go-to shorts. If you tend to wear baggy cargo shorts or revealing micro shorts, you'll probably look like a tourist when visiting Austria. However, if you opt for a pair of crisp tailored shorts combined with a nice blouse or collared shirt, you're more likely to blend in and leave a positive impression, especially in any of the country's bigger cities. Finally, if you plan to hike in Austria, note that standard fashion rules don't apply; prioritize comfort and function. Don't be afraid to wear your favorite casual shorts when venturing out on a hot day.