TikTok Users Have A Warning For Anyone Wanting To Visit Disney Parks During Spring Break

If you thought Spring Break was the perfect time to visit a Disney park, know that you're not the only one. Winter can be too cold, and you might not have as much room in your budget after splurging on holiday gifts. On the other hand, summers at Disney parks can get too hot, especially while waiting in long lines under the sun. Spring is much more likely to offer comfortable weather and a conveniently timed getaway just before vacation season revs up in June.

However, with most schools in the U.S. letting out for Spring Break sometime during March or early April, Disney parks can be swamped with massive crowds during this short window. According to Magic Guides' crowd calendars for Disney World and Disneyland, some of the heaviest crowds of the year are forecasted in late March and early April.

Several people have taken to TikTok to share their first-hand experiences with the Spring Break mobs. In early March, Disneyland regular @sojudownfordisney shared a clip of crowds so heavy that people could hardly move. At Disney World, the scene was similar, according to a video posted by @audrinar38. Others have also shared images from this year's Spring Break season, warning Disney fans of the congestion that awaits them if they choose to spend their days off at one of the parks.

Disney parks are getting more crowded compared to previous years

Spring Break may always be a popular time to visit a Disney park, but some evidence suggests that the crowds are getting worse compared to previous years. The experts at Disney Tourist Blog looked at wait times, crowd levels, and other data and predicted that crowds throughout 2024 would be worse than most other years over the last decade or so, specifically at Disneyland. Unfortunately, Disney World doesn't appear to be excluded. Parkgoers in a Disney message board complained of shoulder-to-shoulder crowds at Magic Kingdom in February 2024, before the Spring Break season even started.

This shift at Disney may be part of a larger travel trend. Last year, TSA announced a record-breaking day of air travel the weekend after Thanksgiving, signaling a strong resurgence after the COVID-19 pandemic. The International Air Transport Association predicted a similar boom in 2024, noting that airline passenger numbers are likely to exceed those recorded in 2019. A report by Deloitte paints a slightly different picture, suggesting that post-pandemic "revenge travel" is slowing down. However, the report also points to continued domestic travel and an increased interest in visiting major attractions. In other words, don't be surprised if it feels like the whole country is heading to Disney this year.

How to deal with Disney's Spring Break crowds

The Spring Break season is shaping up to be an especially packed one at Disney parks in 2024, and if you plan to join the throngs of Mickey fans, you'll want to keep a few things in mind to make your time at the parks worthwhile. First, try to visit when the crowds are likely to thin out. Generally, weekdays are a safer choice, though you may want to check the park's calendar of events first, as days with scheduled events (such as the Dapper Day Expo at Disneyland) tend to draw more visitors. If possible, choose dates just outside of the core Spring Break period. For instance, the second week of April is expected to be much less crowded than the week before due to school Spring Break schedules.

If you happen to show up on a crowded day, you can still enjoy your vacation. Set realistic expectations, and be prepared to wait in long lines at Disney for your favorite rides. Recount famous Disney stories or play games (the "hidden Mickey" game, where you look for hidden Mickey shapes around the park, is a classic) to pass the time. Another tip is to go against the grain when possible. If the crowds tend to go counterclockwise, head clockwise instead. Similarly, try to eat at odd times to avoid long lines at restaurants.