Frequent Traveler Reveals The European Destinations You'd Regret Traveling Solo To

European countries consistently top the list of some of the best places to travel solo. From Iceland to Ireland, Switzerland to Slovenia, Europe is safe and welcoming to solo travelers. But one frequent traveler has revealed European destinations that she says you'd regret traveling to solo. Perhaps surprisingly, her warnings aren't based on safety concerns. Instead, she focuses on that unspoken truth: sometimes, traveling alone is downright lonely and prohibitively expensive.

Posting as @jetsetting_jacki on TikTok, Australian travel lover Jacki shared the five destinations where meeting people or finding affordable accommodation as a solo traveler is challenging. Top of the list was the legendary party island of Ibiza. Jacki says that almost everyone goes there with at least one other person or as part of a large group of friends, and says hostels aren't common in Ibiza. Hostels aren't just cheap accommodations for solo travelers but places to meet other people, too. If you travel solo to Ibiza, there's a good chance you'll feel a little lost in the sea of partygoers.

Avoid destinations made for friends and couples

The next two places on Jacki's list were more Mediterranean destinations: the Greek Islands and the Amalfi Coast. Jacki says that most people who visit the Greek Islands, especially party hubs like Mykonos and Zante, are in big groups of friends. She also mentions that the hostel scene in the Greek Islands isn't well developed. So traveling solo there is a thumbs down.

After that, Jacki says the Amalfi Coast is an expensive area more geared toward couples than solo travelers. The Amalfi Coast is certainly one of Europe's more expensive destinations, where even the beaches aren't free. And if you go here alone, you might feel like you're crashing 1,000 couples' honeymoons as you dodge out of shot of yet another loved-up selfie.

This doesn't mean Greece and Italy are out for solo travelers. The countries' capitals of Athens and Rome are fantastic places to travel solo and love the experience. In Greece, you can take day trips from Athens to islands like Aegina and Hydra and ancient historical sites such as Delphi and Mycenae. In Italy, do a multi-city break and check out the student hub of Bologna or the artist haven of Florence.

Be selective about the festivals and parties you attend

After that, Jacki revealed she wouldn't travel alone to the Creamfields Festival near Manchester. She says everyone there was from the U.K. and in a big group of friends. If you want to attend a music festival in the U.K. solo, Shambala is known for its friendliness. The organizers even promise you'll leave with a bunch of new friends. Alternatively, head up to Edinburgh to enjoy the Fringe. This creative arts festival is perfect for solo travelers who can stay in nearby student accommodation.

Finally, Jacki called out the Spanish island of Majorca, specifically Magaluf. She pulls no punches in calling it the "shi- – - – - party destination" she's ever been to and says it's full of groups of partiers under 19 years old. Magaluf is notorious for its wild party scene, especially among British tourists. Think of the wildest spring break destinations but with young Brits instead of Americans. We have to agree with Jacki that it's a place to avoid for solo travelers (or most travelers over the age of 21). Cities are perfect destinations if you're going solo in Spain. According to International Citizens Group, some of the safest places include historic Granada, coastal Malaga, and the capital, Madrid.