This Is The Most Memorable Destination In The World, According To Gordon Ramsay

While most people might associate Gordon Ramsay with cooking up a storm in a Michelin-starred restaurant and his expletive-filled rants, the chef's interests actually go way beyond the confines of a kitchen. In fact, Ramsay's recent TV venture combines two of his passions — food and travel — into one entertaining package: "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted." Filmed between 2019 and 2021 — and released in collaboration with National Geographic — the TV series took the award-winning chef on a journey through different lands and cultures.

From trying authentic Mexican cuisine in one of the country's most celebrated cities, Oaxaca, to hitting up Portugal's coastline in search of barnacles, sampling some of India's spiciest dishes, and even cooking at 11,000 feet above sea level in Peru's Sacred Valley, Ramsay did and tasted it all. However, there's one destination out of the bunch that managed to steal his heart — and taste buds — more than the rest: Tasmania. During a 2023 conversation with Great British Life, Ramsay confessed: "I think Tasmania was really memorable to me. The culture of bartering and the incredible seafood really opened my eyes to the incredible bounty that island has."

One of 2024's up-and-coming travel destinations, Tasmania is all about postcard-worthy views, outdoor living, and even some unique and unexplored flavors — plus, it's got some of the cleanest air on Earth, too! That said, it makes perfect sense that Chef Ramsay would fall in love with the destination after shooting his series there.

Exploring Tasmania through Ramsay's eyes

The first episode of the series' second season follows Ramsay as he travels to Tasmania — a small island state roughly 150 miles off the southern coast of Australia. A remote and relatively untouched territory, Ramsay's visit to the island is all about getting immersed in the culture as well as sampling the freshest local ingredients alongside the island's up-and-coming chefs and experts.

From "snuba diving" — a combination of scuba diving and snorkeling — to learning more about the art of bartering and cooking with wallaby meat, Ramsay is quick to dive into local Tassie tradition and embrace all of the challenges and rewards — like the possibility of running into a great white shark while fishing for some fresh rock lobster — that Tasmania has to offer.

The chef even shared his enthusiasm on Facebook before the episode aired, writing: "[Tasmania] you are incredible! Some of best local ingredients anywhere in the world topped off by a fantastic dinner last night at @ficohobart! Can't wait for the world to see your beauty on [Uncharted]".

Spots in Tasmania that you can't miss

Although there's only so much the 45-minute episode can cover, the reality is much broader than that. Covering a total of 26,410 square miles, Tasmania is actually Australia's largest island — it's even bigger than the state of Florida .

In spite of this, there are a few spots that you just can't miss during your visit. First, there's Wineglass Bay. Located within Freycinet National Park, the bay is a hotspot for kayaking, deep sea fishing, and scuba diving — and it brings you one step closer to exploring the surrounding beaches and hiking trails. There's also Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. Home to Tasmania's iconic Cradle Mountain, the park is a hub for wildlife enthusiasts, avid hikers, and keen outdoor explorers who want to sink their boots into some authentic Tasmanian wilderness. Love stars? You'll also be happy to know that Tasmania's night sky is set ablaze by some spectacular interstellar views — with the stars shining brighter the more rural you go.

As for spots aligned with Gordon's most-known passion, food, Tasmania is ready to deliver. Particularly, it's the island's famous Tasting Trail — a roughly 140-mile "trail" along the northern coast, from Launceston to Smithton — that includes 40+ stops at local vendors' and producers' stalls and farms. So whether you're craving something sweet (berries and cakes), something savory (truffles and fresh-caught salmon), or something boozy (wines and whiskeys), you'll be sure to find your fill.