Visit This Picture-Perfect Island For A Deep Breath Of The Cleanest Air On Earth

Cape Grim, a tiny peninsula on the tip of Tasmania, Australia takes the phrase "a breath of fresh air" to a whole new level. According to BBC, the pristine environment that characterizes this eco-friendly region is home to the cleanest air on earth. A spot of untamed wilderness and unparalleled beauty, Cape Grim has long been called "The Edge of the World" — a harrowing yet suitable moniker inspired by the precarious conditions that characterize the boundless stretch of the Tasman Sea. It's a place of silent refuge and undisturbed peace — making it the perfect getaway for those seeking temporary relief from the business of life. 

Towering cliffs, black sand beaches, and patches of farmland dapple the terrain and provide space for a fruitful harvest of crops to flourish on the tip of the peninsula. The wild and unruly topography presents a canvas of stunning, natural beauty that will quite literally take your breath away! Beautiful year-round, Cape Grim experiences the full four seasons, adding layers of depth to its photogenic beauty and complementing the purity of its biosphere. The cool, temperate year-round climate provides the perfect space for outdoor wilderness enthusiasts. Cape Grim's isolated location plays an integral role in its highly sustainable ecosystem and biosphere. Untouched by common pollutants, such as exhaust fumes, industrial smoke, or sulfur dioxide, the air that sweeps over the landscape is kept pure and fresh.

The best breath of fresh air you'll ever take

The Cape Grim Baseline Air Pollution Station, located on the eastern inland side of the peninsula, is an archive for measuring air quality and an asset to environmental conservation worldwide. Founded in 1976, the station focuses on monitoring climate change and researches valuable climate information regarding temperature, rainfall, and solar radiation. It's one of only a few clean-air sites, with other outposts in Mauna Station in Hawaii, Macquarie Island in Antarctica, and Ny-Ålesund in Norway. The station has identified Cape Grim as a unique hot spot with at least 30% baseline air, which represents the percentage of air before it comes in contact with and is contaminated by pollutants or other atmospheric particles.

The high quality of air enjoyed by Tasmanians is the result of a process that begins long before it reaches the edge of land on Cape Grim. Surrounded by a seemingly endless horizon, the air penetrating the peninsula travels nearly 2,000 milesover the icy Tasman Sea before reaching the tip of the Cape. The Tasman Sea, east of Cape Grim is boundless, and the longest continuous stretch of sea in the world. The chilling waters form a protective barrier between the air and harmful pollutants. A voyage across these seas has proven itself to be a perilous journey, with ships enduring powerful westerly winds, known as the Roaring Forties, that can reach speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.

A place of bountiful harvest

Despite its chilling name, Cape Grim's clean, untouched air, coupled with exceptionally fertile volcanic soil, is a harvester's dream. The idyllic environment is the source of this region's bread and butter. Local entrepreneurs capitalize on the rich, luscious landscape, producing everything from Tasmanian milk and honey to local beef and artisan cheeses. With acres of lush, green pastures to graze herds of cattle on and a near-perfect soil composition on which to lay crops, Tasmania not only provides a platform for growing fresh produce but also a unique set of terroirs on which to harvest a collection of spirits and wine. The region is home to several wineries and vineyards, producing artisan vodka, sparkling wine, Pinot Noir, and Sauvignon Blanc.

Having the cleanest air in the world, residents of Cape Grim launched a local business called Air Bubble to maximize the positive effect the peninsula's air can have on the world. Air Bubble provides communities throughout the globe with freshly bottled Tasmanian air, and the canisters even include respirator masks to make fresh air accessible in every space, including gyms, offices, or at home.

It's not surprising to learn that the region with the cleanest air also supports a healthy and positive quality of life. Community is an essential element of life on Cape Grim. Residents enjoy simple, peaceful, and undisturbed lifestyles — a byproduct of living in such a remote destination.