The Five Best Snacks You'd Regret Not Getting At Disney's Magic Kingdom

Disney World is known for a lot of things. From taking the crown as the Best Theme Park in ​​2023's Travel Weekly Readers' Choice Awards to consistently bringing the magic of Disney's movies and characters to life, the parks are well-known and loved by travelers all across the globe.

However, the reality is that there's more to Disney's allure than just spine-chilling roller coasters, iconic characters, and a full day packed with adventure— there's also some pretty good food to try. Whether it's Mickey-shaped pretzels or a hearty serving of gumbo — courtesy of Princess Tiana — Disney World's food offering is both extensive and varied across all four of its iconic parks.

Specifically, Magic Kingdom does a great job of delivering a unique meal experience with a touch of Disney flair. In fact, with 39 dining options that range from table service and immersive experiences to more budget-friendly quick service establishments, there's no shortage of great places to eat while making your way around Magic Kingdom. So whether you're craving a full sit-down meal — complemented by an appearance by your favorite characters — or just want a quick bite for some energy on-the-go, Magic Kingdom is ready to deliver in terms of both sweet and savory options.

Bacon macaroni & cheese tots (The Friar's Nook)

Kicking off the list of Magic Kingdom's must-try snacks are the mac and cheese tots from The Friar's Nook, in Fantasyland. This quick service dining spot is one of the more affordable options within the park, and serves classic American-style food and drink.

The perfect combination of cheesy and crispy, the dish is a generous serving of perfectly golden tater tots over a bed of creamy mac and cheese — and topped with some sour cream and bacon bits.

Priced at $11.49, the entrée is pretty filling and can be easily shared with others in your party to make room for even more tasty treats (and ensure you're dining on a budget) — like a portion of the Nook's caramel apple-pecan hand pie (for just $5.99). Keep in mind, however, that The Friar's Nook closes at 5 p.m., so you'll want to hit it up early during the day if you don't want to miss out on any of the cheesy goodness.

Corn dog nuggets (Casey's Corner)

A great savory option to sink your teeth into are the popular corn dog nuggets from Casey's Corner. Conveniently located near the entrance to the park — right on Main Street U.S.A — the serving of bite-sized corn dogs also comes with french fries (or a mandarin, for the more health-conscious). According to frequent Disney visitors, make sure you get a serving of cheese sauce to make these bites even better (there's a $1 surcharge for this dip). 

Once you dig in, the nugget's popularity becomes even more evident: Fluffy on the inside and perfectly crispy on the outside, there's a reason they've become a bona fide Magic Kingdom staple.

In terms of cost, a portion of nuggets and fries will set you back $10.79. As for cold drinks to enjoy alongside your meal, Casey's Corner also has sodas on the menu for $5.29, as well as bottled water ($3.75), chocolate milk ($4.49), or apple juice ($4.29).

Cheeseburger spring rolls (Adventureland)

One of the most popular and highly-rated snacks at Magic Kingdom, Adventureland's cheeseburger spring rolls are what fast-food-fusion dreams are made of. Made with a classic spring roll wrapping and filled with savory beef and cheese — á la traditional American cheeseburger — these small but mighty rolls also come with a side of "burger dipping sauce" to tie it all together.

Along with the classic cheeseburger flavor, the park also has a rotation of seasonal or special fillings that come and go. Some examples of past spring roll varieties include pepperoni pizza, Reuben, Buffalo chicken, and last year's popular addition of chicken, ham, and cheese rolls.

As for where to enjoy these, you can find the spring rolls just outside the entrance of Adventureland — where the spring roll cart is usually parked up — and get a serving of two rolls for $9.50. However, some park visitors have noted that the cart isn't always operating — especially if there's rain — so it's a game of luck and timing whether or not you'll get to try them!

Warm cinnamon roll (Gaston's Tavern)

Once you've had your fill of savory treats, it's time to dive right into a world of sweet goodies with a warm cinnamon roll from Gaston's Tavern, in Fantasyland. Another one of Magic Kingdom's quick-serve establishments, the tavern is open until 7 p.m. and serves a limited variety of small bites and drinks to help you refuel. However, it's their signature cinnamon roll that steals the show if you're looking for a tried and tested Magic Kingdom snack.

For $6.79 a pop, the snack is fairly large — making it another great option for sharing — and bursting with flavor. As a quick tip, make sure you ask the server for extra icing to kick things up a notch. And although we can't guarantee the cinnamon roll won't make you roughly the size of a barge like the tavern's namesake, it will satisfy your sweet tooth — and who doesn't love that?

Need to wash the flavors down? Order your own glass of LeFou's Brew — a non-alcoholic beverage made with frozen apple juice, a touch of marshmallow, and topped with a passion fruit-mango foam.

Tropical serenade float (Aloha Isle)

Once the sun begins to set on your Magic Kingdom adventures, there's no better way to wrap up your food journey than with a tropical-themed dessert. Specifically, the tropical serenade float from Aloha Isle, in Adventureland. Made with pineapple-orange-guava juice, coconut soft serve ice cream, and garnished on the side with a pineapple upside-down cake pop, the float packs a flavorsome punch that feels like a beachside vacation.

Priced at $7.99, the Tropical Serenade float is the most expensive float on the menu, but it's definitely worth it if you're looking for a treat that's going to go down well after a day under the blazing Florida sunshine. Alternatively, the pineapple float ($6.99) — made with pineapple juice and vanilla ice cream — is also a great option if you're looking for something a little more traditional.

Aloha Isle is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and you can easily get your float to-go on your way back to Main Street, USA, and out of the park.