The Best And Worst Places To Eat In Magic Kingdom, According To Customers

Walt Disney World is known for many things, including its tasty eats. From Mickey-shaped everything to gourmet meals, foodies can satisfy their desires in the Most Magical Place on Earth. However, not all of the food at WDW provides the same amount of magic, with some locations failing to merit a second (or even first) visit. Unfortunately, we and other Disney Parks lovers have learned the hard way which spots to avoid at the Magic Kingdom. But that means we've also uncovered which places to return to repeatedly. Plus, who doesn't want an excuse to forget the snacks they packed for the day and indulge?

Our best and worst dining choices stem from personal experience and other Disney World experts. We've specifically chosen experienced individuals with firsthand knowledge of these locations to give you the most accurate information about MK's food options — the good, the bad, and the mediocre. We've further divided the choices based on their location (or land) in the Magic Kingdom. You should also remember that the menus can change at these restaurants, so you may not always have access to specific meals. Now, let's get to the grub!

Best food along Main Street, U.S.A. - Crystal Palace

We haven't included any other character dining experiences on our list. However, we couldn't pass up Crystal Palace ($$$-$$$$), with its cozy Victorian garden party aesthetic combined with Winnie the Pooh and Friends. While character dining, particularly the buffets, can quickly bust a budget, Crystal Palace has superb offerings. From personal experience, you won't find another buffet-based breakfast spot in Magic Kingdom. You have many dishes to choose from, and you'll get your money's worth, which is often a challenge for this eating style.

Allyson Koerner at WDW Prep School mentioned that Crystal Palace offers some of the harder-to-get reservations — likely due to the presence of Pooh and his companions. While Koerner noted that the buffet doesn't rival the size of other character dining choices available on the property, she applauded the variety of food. The prime rib alone is worth the cost of the meal. However, getting Pooh Bear hugs in between helpings is priceless.

Worst food along Main Street, U.S.A. - Plaza Restaurant

On the surface, it seems like the Plaza Restaurant ($$) wants to mirror the Crystal Palace. Unfortunately, it fails to achieve this objective. From personal experience, this table service restaurant is not worth the table service prices. Having ordered a not-so-crispy chicken sandwich there, you're better off grabbing some chicken tenders if you're looking for crunch. Even as adult Disney World visitors, one of our go-to park foods is chicken tenders, so it's disappointing when a table service restaurant can't perfect crispy chicken. That sub-par experience also proved true for our dining companions, who ordered items like a cheeseburger and a Waldorf salad.

Beyond the food, Plazar has woefully outdated decor. It also just doesn't run as smoothly as other WDW restaurants. Tom Bricker of Disney Tourist Blog described it best: "In actuality, the restaurant can be chaotic and crowded during peak dining hours. Tables are spaced just a bit too close together and the venue is noisy." We sadly have to agree. While it has potential, Plaza misses the mark.

Best food in Adventureland - Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd Skipper Canteen

Jungle Skipper Canteen ($$) deserves recognition for its incredible vibes alone. But the variety of food makes this spot a top contender for the best dining in Adventureland and the Magic Kingdom as a whole. If you love Jungle Cruise and its terribly amazing puns, the food at Jungle Skipper Canteen won't disappoint, especially if you order the "Hardy Har Char" Siu Pork, a personal favorite. Keep an eye out for the Great Wall of China (another expert-level Skipper pun) – don't worry, your server will probably show you.

Tom Bricker at Disney Tourist Blog loves Skipper Canteen so much that he distinguished it as the best table service restaurant in Magic Kingdom. He adores the detailed theming and shared that even if he didn't consider the food top-tier Disney dining, it's well on the way. "The presentation and plating of some items suggests an almost Signature-caliber restaurant, but the ambiance says otherwise," he wrote. "I certainly wouldn't peg it as fine dining, but its menu is on the upper end of standard table service." This restaurant can prove a little difficult for picky eaters who do not want to order from the little skipper part of the menu, though. So, consider yourself warned.

Worst food in Adventureland - Tortuga Tavern

While a bit unfair to Tortuga Tavern ($) since Adventureland doesn't have a lot of food options, it is, nonetheless, the worst eatery in the area. Its rating as the bottom of the barrel comes partly because it's not always open, and when it is, it only operates from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Another problem is that even though it's seasonal, it might still not be available. That limited time isn't conducive to grabbing a quick bite in the park. But if it's any consolation, the BBQ served there is underwhelming at best, and even with a lot of seating, having a chair for every person in your party can't save this establishment.

Since it's seasonal, Tortuga often has different menu items whenever it reopens. That said, even the simple pulled pork sandwich, frequently appearing on the menu, didn't impress The Mouse for Less. "I got my food after sitting down, noticed that the Texas toast left a lot to be desired," the site wrote in its review. "I would have expected it to be toasted; have a nice brown look to it, like it had just been on a griddle. Nope! This was two pieces of bread that was more dried out that toasted." This experience isn't unique to Tortuga Tavern; Disney Parks restaurants seem to struggle to serve thick bread. Even so, for a seasonal restaurant to have this issue is a lot to deal with at MK.

Best food in Frontierland - The Diamond Horseshoe

In search of a hidden gem at the Magic Kingdom? Head to this bright, airy Western-style music hall. The Diamond Horseshoe ($$$) over in Frontierland offers guests American-style comfort food. The Horseshoe may become your favorite place if you love traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Disney Food Blog compared Diamond Horseshoe to the Liberty Tree Tavern, as they both serve similar food. They recommended the all-you-can-eat buffet-style restaurant for its hearty meals. You also shouldn't pass up the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake if you have room for dessert.

Although it resembles a location where you could go boot-scootin', sadly, the Diamond Horseshoe doesn't offer live music — at least not anymore. Fans of the former Diamond Horseshoe Revue and Diamond Horseshoe Jamboree that once took place at this restaurant clamored for the entertainment to return in 2015. The revue, an iteration of the Disneyland Golden Horseshoe Revue, was an opening day attraction dating back to October 1, 1971, and ran with various changes until it closed in 2003. Still, the comfort foods make up for the lack of live tunes.

Worst food in Frontierland - Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe

When it comes to lists like these, Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe ($) almost always makes an appearance -– in the worst category. We even visited WDW over 20 times before bothering to go to Pecos Bill. While ample seating exists (because no one eats there), the eatery has a limited menu that you should likely skip sampling. This Tex-Mex is bland at best, a major disappointment if you crave a filling meal like a fajita platter.

You know it's rough when Mouse Hacking wrote, "The most popular 'item' at Peco's Bill's is probably the toppings bar." Technically speaking, you could walk in and eat a bunch of food items out of the toppings bar without paying. (Micky would likely not approve of this course of action). Beyond the fact that you can technically swipe toppings to make a "free" meal, it speaks volumes that these items rank higher in popularity than food on the menu. We highly recommend loading up any of your ordered entrees with offerings from the toppings bar because that'll give you some flavor, which the base dishes sorely lack.

Best food in Liberty Square - Liberty Tree Tavern

Many people love Liberty Tree Tavern ($$$) for its comfort food vibes. Who can hate scrumptious mashed potatoes? Liberty Tree and Diamond Horseshoe have similar menus; however, Liberty Tree favors more Thanksgiving-specific offerings. If you want an authentic American family-style meal experience, try this place. 

Even the more understated decor (at least for Disney) serves as a major selling point, according to Quincy Stanford at Disney Food Blog. "As usual, the theming in this space is totally awesome," Stanford wrote. "It might not be as in-your-face as other heavily-themed restaurants, but the detail is amazing. Check out the baubles around the fireplace while you wait, glance around at the period art on the wall, and don't forget to look up at those gorgeous chandeliers."

You also need to save room for dessert. Like the Diamond Horseshoe, Liberty Tree serves the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake, which Stanford recommended highly. They even identified the cake as the penultimate reason to go to Liberty Tree Tavern. Anyone who loves food and Disney World knows that Disney Parks do sweets differently.

Worst food in Liberty Square - Liberty Square Market

You'll encounter two types of Disney food people: those who like the giant turkey legs and those who turn away from them in disgust. As members of the latter party, we suggest avoiding Liberty Square Market ($) at all costs. As you likely guessed, visitors mostly go there for the giant turkey legs, so if you don't want to nosh on a hunk of meat in the Florida sun, steer clear.

As a point in its favor, Liberty Square Market has a lot of seating. Unfortunately, even though it's outside, it fills up frequently. And not just with people either; birds love to hang around this spot. While we often enjoy bird-watching, these particular avians get aggressive when working to secure food.

In all fairness, Liberty Square has a limited dining pool. That said, Liberty Square Market has a small range of offerings (think pretzels, cookies, or fruit) beyond its beloved turkey legs and hot dogs. Hence, ye olde Liberty Square Market made it on this list.

Best food in Fantasyland - Be Our Guest Restaurant

The placement of this dining establishment will prove controversial for some Disney World fanatics. Folks tend to love or hate the Be Our Guest Restaurant ($$$-$$$$). Even so, the prix-fixe menu has never disappointed us. What did disappoint us was the decision to nix Be Our Guest breakfasts, but we digress.

We think you'll find the underrated West Wing section of the restaurant much more enjoyable than the Ballroom –- partly because of the darkened ambiance. You can also look around the other dining rooms when you get a chance between courses or after eating. Speaking of eating, if you like steak, definitely get the filet mignon there. It's a terrific combination of peppery and tender. Although we haven't had all the steaks across Disney World, this one has claimed the top spot as our current favorite in a tie with Le Cellier in EPCOT.

Mommy Frog at Undercover Tourist highly recommended dining at Be Our Guest as the atmosphere and food make it an enjoyable experience. "The restaurant is fancy enough to make a meal there feel like a special occasion, but not overly lavish that you'll feel underdressed in your theme park clothes," she wrote. "We definitely recommend taking your time by eating leisurely and roaming around the restaurant so you can observe all of the details!" We also suggest grabbing a coffee for the dessert course. You can even get a cuppa to go if you wish. Just don't leave without trying the Gray Stuff — it's delicious!

Worst food in Fantasyland - Pinocchio Village Haus

Overlooking It's a Small World, this is a nightmare spot for anyone who hates that ride. While we don't hate Small World, we also don't love Pinocchio Village Haus ($). The food there primarily consists of flatbreads, which are fine but nothing to write home about. You'll likely find a big ol' slice of Disney pizza at your resort more satisfying. Themed for "Pinnochio," it makes sense that you'll find Italian cuisine at Village Haus. Or at least Italian adjacent.

Mouse Hacking commented that the food is Italian in name alone. "Pinocchio Village Haus serves Disney's famously unique Italian-flavored foods," the site wrote in its review. "Personally I have no gripe against Disney's Italian offerings, but from a 'foodie' perspective I understand how theme parking the American version of Italian foods takes you pretty far from 'Italian food.'" What Village Haus lacks in creativity, it makes up for in safe food options for visitors. But even the tempting simplicity of an all-cheese flatbread can't save this place.

Best food in Tomorrowland - Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe

Here's the thing about Tomorrowland: it doesn't have a table service restaurant. So, if you don't mind that Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café ($) is a quick-serve location, you should check it out. It offers the same kind of food as the other quick service locations like Casey's Corner – think chicken tenders and mac & cheese. But it has a ton of seating inside and out and constant performances from the one-of-a-kind Sonny Eclipse. Just keep in mind that good ol' Sonny's show restarts about every 30 minutes.

Although Cosmic Ray's provides fast food-esque theme park cuisine, it is the only place you can get a burger in MK, according to Orlando Informer's Sean Pagnotti. There's also something particularly special about downing some tendies while listening to Sonny Eclipse croon his soulful outer space songs. Even if the food there isn't top-tier, it's still good as far as Disney standards go.

Orlando Informer also rightly pointed out that the service at this quick-serve spot is a little faster than other places. "At its disposal, the restaurant holds anywhere up to four bays to handle those heavier rushes of the peak season," Pagnotti wrote. For example, even in some hefty crowds, we've never waited more than 5-10 minutes for our food. Say what you will about Cosmic Ray's lack of inventive menu options; it's got service down pat.

Worst food in Tomorrowland - The Lunching Pad

Serving similar food to Cosmic Ray's, The Lunching Pad ($) just isn't a valuable use of your time or money. You'll frequently find the outdoor seating packed, often with people who aren't even eating, and the typical quick-service fare doesn't merit the trouble. You're better off going to Cosmic Ray's, where you'll probably find a seat somewhere and not have to worry about pesky birds.

We'll admit that the specialty hot dogs at Lunching Pad may be a draw for some, but they're just not tempting enough for us. Do you really want to deal with the heat or fight off hyper-aggressive seagulls just for a loaded hot dog? You can also get basics like pretzels and beverages there. But since you can get those in a lot of places all over the park, The Lunching Pad receives the dreaded "worst food in Tomorrowland" moniker. Is it terrible? No. Is it the first choice compared to Cosmic Ray's, Joffrey's Revive stall, or even Auntie Gravity's Galactic Goodies? Also, no.

How we chose the Magic Kingdom's best and worst dining options

We crafted this list of the best and worst spots to eat at Magic Kingdom using personal experience and the assessments of other Disney World experts. In cases like the Liberty Square area, where there aren't many food options, we expressed this in our designation. By far, you'll find the most varied food availability in the Main St. USA section of MK, while Tomorrowland has far fewer choices. Also, as a further reminder, the food mentioned in the experts' reviews isn't always available as Walt Disney World frequently changes its menus.

When dining at Magic Kingdom, sometimes the ambiance makes all the difference. For example, you could eat a plain old burger at Cosmic Ray's, and it would still be better than being subjected to Floridian heat with a hot dog at The Lunching Pad. Many of the favored restaurants are beloved standbys for good reason. Disney Parks approach snacks and food better than many competitors. Even their misses can be hits.