Skip This Popular English Beach Town For Its Stunning And Spacious Dupe

If you've never considered an English getaway in the quaint and cozy beach town of Gwithian, allow this to be your official invitation. Nestled in the quiet Cornwall district, just north of St. Ives, it's a picturesque pocket of sand, sea, and surf. This seaside village is backed by a mesmerizing canvas of staggering cliffs and sandy dunes, forming part of what's renowned as some of the most stunning landscapes along the North Cornish coast. Dating back to Mesolithic times, the town contains several fascinating archaeological sites, Victorian-style churches, and whispering white sand beaches, creating an underrated hidden gem in Cornwall County.

Just a stone's throw away from the resort town of Polzeath, Gwithian is only an hour away from the staggering crowds that pervade this seaside village, but feels like a remote patch of paradise. While Polzeath might be one of Cornwall's most coveted trending towns for travelers in this English region, it's quickly become a busy tourist hotspot rather than a relaxed coastal getaway. Gwithian, however, has managed to retain its ambiance of an upscale retreat while keeping its tourist swells to a minimum. 

Three Mile Beach, the bougie promenade with a collection of luxury surf-style resorts, offers all the five-star amenities as its coastal cousin, while Gwithian Towans Beach beckons travelers to the warm Cornish waters. From the sun-soaked shores to the rolling hillsides of Gwithian's hill county, dotted with pastures and farmland, this scenic U.K. paradise is sure to capture your wanderlust spirit.

Gwithian — a luxury haven

Any trip to Gwithian should begin at Three Mile Beach — a swanky montage of luxury beach houses and surf shacks. Each self-catering seaside abode captures the essence of this English region, encouraging picnics on the dunes, water sports, and fireside marshmallows underneath the stars. Private cedar hot tubs, barrel saunas, and landscaped gardens make each modish cottage feel like life in a fairytale. You can also organize to join a wild foraging walk or book a private beachside yoga session to capitalize on Gwithian's stunning natural serenity. 

When the post-surf cravings hit, make your way over to Chomp. As Three Mile Beach's culinary hub over the summer months, it offers everything from Cornish spirits to local fare sourced fresh from the surrounding landscape. Heaters, soft blankets, and fairy lights create an aesthetic ambiance to cozy up during those chilly nights.

With Gwithian's Cornish countryside blanketed in farmland and an abundance of agriculture, this beautiful coastal town is located just minutes away from Trevaskis Farm — a true agricultural oasis. This 28-acre patch of farmland is home to pick-your-own produce stands, a farmhouse kitchen, an artisan market, and free-grazing springtime livestock. The farm opens its fields to locals eager to source their produce and rotates its crops to reflect the changing seasons. Farmers harvest everything from gooseberries and sugar snap peas to loganberries and cherries. Whether you're putting together the ultimate charcuterie board or just craving fresh fruit and veggies, the Trevaskis Market has all the organic goods!

A nature-rich paradise from land to sea

What's the best part about Gwithian? The beaches just have to take the top spot! Gwithian Towans Beach, in particular, forms a stretch of golden dunes sheltered by rugged cliffs and framed by patches of wild grass. This sandy haven lives up to its monikers, as the Cornish word "Towans" translates to "sand dunes." Idyllic for sunset walks while exploring tidepools or for surfers hoping to catch the next incoming swell, it's one spot you won't want to skip while visiting this postcard-perfect seaside town.

Speaking of postcard-perfect, Tehidy Country Park showcases the best and brightest of Gwithian hill country, with over 9 miles of nature trails. Encompassing an astounding 250 acres, it's the largest patch of woodland in Cornwall. The rugged terrain in this densely forested area once belonged to the wealthy Bassett family's Tehidy estate, as well as their elegant manor. While the mansion remains, the only occupants in these forests are a collection of bluebells, badgers, and otters.

Minutes from Gwithian Towans Beach is Mutton Cove, another sacred gem beloved by locals. Travelers aren't the only ones who flock to the shores of this hideout, as it's also a popular draw for seal colonies. The stretch of sand between the two major beaches creates a scenic and quiet coastal walk along the cliffs. This stunning headland in Godrevy, along the eastern side of St. Ives Bay, has enchanted the community for ages, finally claiming its rightful place as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.