This Less Crowded Destination Is A Stunning Dupe Of A Popular New England City

Just a few short hours perusing the streets of this quaint New England village, and your first instinct will surely be "I want to move here!" Charming in a traditional "Gilmore Girls" fashion, Dorset, Vermont, is a beacon for coziness and natural beauty, given its slow pace of life and intimate community. Located just outside of Manchester, Vermont,Dorset has garnered a list of accolades, most notably its reputation as one of America's most beautiful small towns. With fewer crowds and an abundance of nature-rich leisure activities, Dorset triumphs over its popularized neighboring cities, including the iconic town of Stowe, Vermont. Tucked in the heart of Southern Vermont's Taconic and Green Mountains, Dorset is a haven for alpine skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing in the winter.

Spring, summer, and winter might be beautiful, but New England states reach their peak of beauty in the fall, and Dorset is no exception. Fall foliage walks, harvest festivals, and apple picking in the orchards bring out the best of this fairytale town at the height of Autumn. Blessed with a stunning landscape throughout all four seasons, there's no wrong time to visit this stunning New England getaway. Fall and winter are the most popular visiting months, with travelers eager to catch a glimpse of this state's captivating display of orange, red, and yellow or spend a day out on the slopes. However, spring and summer tend to promise fewer crowds and reduced hotel rates, making the warmer months one of the best times to visit if you'd prefer to avoid crowds.

Stay cozy

As a tight-knight small town, the heartbeat of this city's culture rests within the community. While Dorset might not technically be a part of the South, locals deliver the same warm Southern hospitality. One of the best ways to immerse yourself in this cheerful community is through your accommodation hosts. Nestled in the center of town, Barrows House is the epitome of an alluring New England-style bed and breakfast. The white-washed timber walls and cozy cottage ambiance instantly make this property feel like your home away from home. Guests can choose between 19th-century style rooms, suites, and guest houses with adorable monikers, like Raven's Loft and the Wren's Nest. It's also a popular wedding venue, backed by rolling green hills and maple trees.

With its striped awnings and old-fashioned lamp posts, Dorset's main street belongs on a postage stamp. You can wander this miniature shopping district in less than an hour but easily spend half a day getting lost inside each of its artisan shops , boasting locally sourced produce, freshly baked pastries, and handcrafted home decor. J.K. Adams has everything you need to redesign your kitchen to reflect a modern farmhouse-style kitchen, with a collection of reclaimed wooden textiles to elevate your cooking space. Plant enthusiasts will find themselves in heaven next door at Mettowee Mint, Dorset's local greenhouse and garden. If you find yourself hungry, Dorset Union Store has everything from freshly stewed soups and crafty sandwiches to their award-winning mac-n-cheese you won't be able to resist!

Kindle a bond with nature

As a leading producer of agriculture, travelers have access to a wealth of natural landscapes and world-class farm-to-table dining. The wooded ridge and scenic Appalachian hiking trails that make up Emerald Lake State Park are a crowned jewel among Dorset locals. Home to 66 campsites, a small lakeside beach, and a shaded picnic pavilion, this nature preserve showcases some of the best of Dorset's nature-rich locale. This park isn't Dorset's only gem to get in your daily dose of fresh air and movement. The Dorset Quarry is the oldest marble quarry in America, and a popular attraction during the summer months. Originally opened in 1785, this swimming hole is a true reflection of life in the 1800s when marble textiles were a coveted textile across America. Even when the air turns chilly during fall and winter, the hiking trails paralleling Dorset Quarry make for a picturesque walk in the woods.

Those with a sweet tooth have selected the right state for sampling spoonful after spoonful of sweet, sticky maple syrup. Vermont is the leading producer of this rich and luscious delicacy, with Dorset as one of its top contributors! Many bottles are manufactured by family-owned operations, including Havoc Hill Sugar House, Dorset Maple Reserve, and Merck Forest & Farmland Center. Maple syrup isn't the only natural product this region is famous for. Dorset residents possess strong entrepreneurial spirits (including the founders of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream), paving the way for Vermont's famous cheddar cheese, craft beer, and dairy products.