You'll Have To Hike A Cliff For This Lesser-Visited, Slice Of Paradise Beach In Europe

The Spanish island of Mallorca has some of Europe's dreamiest beaches, making it a must-do vacation spot for ocean lovers. Even though it is a popular tourist destination, it has over 200 beaches along its coastline which means it is easy to escape the crowds here. One hidden beach in a cove that offers a true slice of this paradise is Caló des Moro.

One of the wonderful things about this secluded beach is that it is undeveloped which means there is nothing to spoil your enjoyment the of sun, sea, and sand. Caló des Moro is also not the only beach with a picturesque hike to get there so there are plenty of options on this island to go on an adventure before you enjoy a sunbathe. Mallorca is known for its historic landmarks and beautiful beaches, so wherever you choose to stay, you'll be left spellbound by this beguiling Balearic island.

How to get to Caló des Moro

The reason Caló des Moro is less visited than others in Mallorca is that it can only be reached by a cliff path. It is looked after by a foundation who have rewilded it with native flora so there are strict rules on not littering, lighting fires, or straying from the pathways. During summer, you can only park in the lot at Cala Llombards and from there, it is a 15 to 20-minute walk to the trails. In the winter, there are fewer parking restrictions and you can find a street space on Carrer des Caló des Moro or Carrer de sa Punta des Baus.

There are two paths to take, one of which goes to the beautiful Cala S'Almunia, which is another beach nearby, and then onto Caló des Moro, taking about 15 minutes. The other path is shorter and steeper but will give you great views of the cove and beaches. For the short hike, the trail starts at the end of Carrer des Caló des Moro and the longer one is on the corner of the same road, labeled by the sign for Cala S'Almunia. As both paths go back to the road, you can enter by one and leave by the other. This gives you the opportunity to soak up both beaches as well as the views along the way!

Other great beaches in Mallorca

If you love a cliff walk, then the route to Platja des Coll Baix near Alcúdia on the northern side of Mallorca is a particularly thrilling hike to a secluded beach at the bottom. It takes about 30 minutes to walk the steep path to this small yet pretty beach which involves a scramble over some rocks. There are excellent views along the way and if you're lucky, you may get a visit from one of the island's semi-wild goats while you're down there.

Another remote beach which requires a hike to get there is Es Caragol Beach near Colonia San Jordi. To get to this wild beach that is beloved by locals, you need to park on the road at the Ses Salines lighthouse. From there is a dirt path along the dunes, which will take you to the sand in about 30 minutes. No matter which of these incredible beaches you choose to visit, Mallorca is a great destination for water adventures.