Flight Attendant Reveals Why These Rows Are The Absolute Worst On Any Plane

When it comes to trying out the best travel hacks, there's no one better than a flight attendant to tell you what's worth your while and what isn't. After all, they spend a majority of their time inside a plane and up in the air — so it makes sense that they'd know exactly what they're talking about.

From knowing how to get more liquids through TSA to getting your meal delivered to you faster during your flight, and even knowing when the best time to poop on a plane might be, flight attendants are filled with knowledge that'll make your trip a whole lot more enjoyable and comfortable.

Now, thanks to flight attendant and TikTok creator @marlemglobetrotter, there's a new tip worth remembering the next time you hit the skies — and it's all to do with choosing the right seat for your flight. Specifically, that means staying away from the emergency exit row and choosing to sit somewhere else.

Which rows do you want to avoid?

In a recent video shared to the platform, @marlemglobetrotter noted that there are two specific rows she'd try to avoid at all costs when choosing your seats. First, there's the row directly in front of the emergency exit row. Not only do these seats have less leg room, but they also can't recline — which means you're forced to spend the entire journey sitting upright. Secondly, she points out that the first emergency exit row also can't recline, which makes for an unnecessarily uncomfortable experience that, in her own words, gets a "zero out of ten."

Other TikTok users were quick to jump in and call out their own least-favorite row in the comments. For example, @robbie6947 immediately pinpointed the last row of the plane as another terrible option. "No extra leg room, limited recline. Noise from the galley and toilets. -10/10," he noted.

Meanwhile, a couple of users even chimed in to discuss seat reclining etiquette, and how it's rude to recline your seat no matter where you're sitting. One even went so far as to say, "Nobody with common courtesy reclines their seat even when there is the option."