Flight Attendant Reveals Her Clever Hack For Getting More Liquids Through TSA

There are numerous rules in place when it comes to flying, and one of the most challenging for many travelers is the strict liquids rule. According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), you must limit your liquids to a single quart-sized bag in order to be allowed through airport security. Additionally, the liquids in the bag must be kept in containers that hold no more than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) of fluid. To make matters more confusing, some surprising substances are subject to the liquid rule, including water, unopened sauces, and even peanut butter.

However, there are some exceptions, especially for parents and passengers traveling with children. TSA notes that infant formula, breast milk, and other drinks for toddlers and babies are considered "medically necessary" and therefore aren't under the same restrictions as most other liquids. With this in mind, a flight attendant who goes by @flyingwithskates on TikTok shared a genius way to bring drinks and other fluids on board: use plastic breast milk bags.

In a clip, the creator demonstrates the tip by pouring almond milk into one of the bags, appearing to exceed the 100-milliliter limit. As she says, the hack works for those who want to meal prep before their flights, and, most importantly, the zippered bags are spill-proof so you don't have to worry about making a mess in your suitcase.

The liquids hack might not work for all travelers

The breast milk bag hack is a clever solution that works in a pinch if you want to stay hydrated in the air or prefer to pack some milk for an in-flight bowl of instant oatmeal. Several TikTokers commented in support of the tip, too, calling it "life changing" and a "game changer." Still, there are limits to the idea, and it could raise some eyebrows — and some red flags — when you go through security checkpoints.

First, it's unclear if the flight attendant in the video is promoting the hack for carry-on bags or checked luggage (the latter of which isn't required to follow the strict liquids rules). If you hope to try the technique with a carry-on bag, intending to pass liquids off as breast milk, keep in mind that TSA requires passengers with baby and toddler food to inform security officers of these additional liquids and agree to screen them separately from other items. Put simply, TSA agents likely won't let your plastic bags through without careful inspection.

That also means you won't be able to put non-milk-colored liquids in the bags. Brightly colored sports drinks, soups, and other goodies will likely be thrown out by airport security, even if they're placed in breast milk containers. Instead, follow @flyingwithskates' hack only when packing liquids and aerosols in your checked luggage to stay out of trouble when traveling.