This Stunning Beach Park In Oahu Is Such A Secluded Escape With Mesmerizing Views

When you think of a Hawai'ian beach vacation, you probably have visions of sitting on the shore, soaking up the sun, and turning your head in either direction to see a ton of other vacationers. Hawai'i is a beautiful state, and U.S. residents can attest that it's an alluring gem that attracts countless sightseers. So, of course, its beaches are typically packed with other tourists. 

However, a few beaches around the islands of Hawai'i are off the beaten path in terms of who ends up visiting, even if you get a couple of locals on the weekends. We have a great suggestion for one of them where you might even find yourself all by your lonesome. This stunning place is Mokule'ia Army Beach on the north shore of O'ahu, right across the street from the west side of Dillingham Airfield. In addition to providing a secluded spot to enjoy the beach, the site is also known for being featured on a popular TV show. Let's take a look at Mokule'ia Army Beach, all the info you need before you go, and what series shot its pilot there. 

All about Mokule'ia Army Beach

You probably haven't heard of Mokule'ia Army Beach, but it's a great option if you're looking to get away from it all, including your fellow tourists. This place is open from sunrise to sunset, and those sunsets are glorious. Even better? It's free to enter. You can even bring your furry best friend. You must keep them on a leash, though they are permitted to swim with you. One thing to note is that while the water here is lovely and clear, it can sometimes get waves up to 15 feet high. That's really great for surfing, but it can be a bit rough to swim in. However, a portion of the water is protected by a small reef, which is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The conditions are best from November through March.

The beach is in the town of Waialua, where you can pick up some bait and visit to fish along with a few locals you may see doing the same. You'll know you've arrived by the cement planters in a row across the square-ish building on the west side of Dillingham Airfield. One thing to note is that there are no facilities at this beach. That means no bathrooms or showers and no lifeguards. Swim at your own risk, and make sure to pack everything out to keep this place clean for the locals and future tourists.

The Lost connection

If Mokule'ia Army Beach seems familiar, it's because it was featured as a location in the pilot episode of the TV show "Lost," which aired from 2004 to 2010 on ABC. The show opened with the massive plane crash of the fictional Oceanic Flight 815. The film set was so real that the police received many calls to report a "plane crash" on Mokule'ia Army Beach. This necessitated a sign to explain that it was indeed a movie location. While it's not as well-known as other famous movie beaches, this piece of history is certainly cool. 

Additionally, if you're a fan of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," Mokule'ia Army Beach is also about 20 minutes from Turtle Bay Resort, which served as the hotel in the movie. This place is considered one of the hidden gems in Hawai'i that only locals know. The resort is also a great place to dine if you want something great after your day at the shore. To reach Mokule'ia Army Beach, take the Farrington Highway exit from Highway 99 (Kamehameha Highway) and continue until you spot Dillingham Airfield on your left. There is plenty of parking available, and it's free, just like the beach.