Hike Around The Lovely Lake Known As One Of The Most Mesmerizing In Switzerland

Another of Europe's picture-perfect destinations, Lake Blausee, sits like a sparkling jewel in the heart of Switzerland's Bernese Oberland, around 25 miles from Interlaken. One of the best-known lakes in the country, it captivates visitors mainly because its translucent waters are an extraordinary shade of blue. Local legend has it that the brilliant color is from the tears of a blue-eyed girl who drowned in her grief at the lake after the unexpected death of her lover. A statue of a woman now rests on the bottom of the lake, commemorating the sad maiden. Adding to the lake's fairy-tale-like ambiance, it's nestled in a thick stand of fir trees ringed by tall mountains and, sometimes, enshrouded in a mysterious mist. Sunny days at the sparkling lake are glorious, but winter can be breathtaking, too, with the white snow glowing next to the sapphire waters. 

Blausee is not exactly a serene place, as it's become so popular. But the lake and its surrounding Blausee Nature Park are still an amazing place to spend a day recharging your batteries in nature. Visitors can enjoy rowboat rides on the lake, picnics, and barbeques in designated areas. There's also a playground that kids will adore and an easy walking trail that encircles the lake, with views of the submerged statue. 

Exploring Blausee Nature Park

Blausee Nature Park and its trails are open year-round to visitors. Entry fees are CHF 8 ($9) for adults and CHF 5 ($5.7) for kids 6 to 15, Monday through Friday. But on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays, it's CHF 10 ($11.40) and CHF 6 ($6.8), respectively. Kids under 6 get in free. There's a slight discount if you enter the park after 4 pm.

The .9-mile loop trail around the lake is well-maintained and mostly flat, so it's accessible for people of all ages and fitness levels. There are a few other walking trails to explore in the park, too. One is a paved path from the parking area through the forest to the lake — short and sweet but lovely. Another passes between trees and through small rock tunnels if you feel like tapping into your inner adventurer. 

Those who want to venture out on the lake can hop on a glass-bottomed rowboat tour. These tours allow you to fully appreciate the clarity of the water, with trees and rocks a few dozen feet underwater appearing like they're right on the surface. On the boat tours, you also get a close-up glimpse of the telltale submerged statue. You won't need to pay extra for the boat ride, as it's included in the park entry fee. 

Food and overnight stays at the lake

For a quick pick-me-up, head to the onsite Blausee Café to grab a chai latte or panini. The park also features a sit-down restaurant with a fabulous lake-view terrace. Everyone will find something to love on the menu, whether fresh trout from Lake Blausee itself or a vegetarian dish prepared with the freshest local ingredients. 

Feeling too relaxed to get yourself to the next stop on your itinerary? Book yourself into a suite or even your own chalet with a private balcony at the Hotel & Spa Blausee. Admission to the park and spa are included in the price of the room reservation. If sitting by a surreal blue lake in the Alps wasn't enough to turn you into a bowl of human jelly, the spa with its sauna, steam grotto, massages, and lake-view hot tubs certainly will be. We're thinking this hotel could be a stunning destination for a lakeside couples vacation; how about you?

You can get to Blausee Nature Park by car and public transport. Those using public transport should take the train to Frutigen or Kandersteg. From those two towns, buses run directly to Blausee.