This Medicine Cabinet Staple Does Wonders For Scuffed Up Suitcases After Traveling

Luggage typically takes the brunt of pretty much ... everything. From rough-handed baggage handlers tossing them around to getting pushed through tight and dirty spaces, suitcases — especially ones that go in the hold — have to deal with some pretty harsh situations. According to Forbes, during the first quarter of 2023, reports showed that 0.64 per 100 checked bags were mishandled — an increase from 2019, where the number of mishandled luggage was 0.59 per 100 checked hags.

Because of this, once you've arrived at your destination, your suitcase can end up looking a little less holiday-ready and a lot more battle-scarred.

Luckily, though, TikTok user @clararpeirce has a solid solution for giving your hardside luggage a dose of TLC after any trip. So, what's her secret to keeping her suitcases looking clean, even after rough trips? Well, according to a recent video she shared on the platform, all it takes to get rid of unsightly scuffs and marks is a simple combination of a magic eraser and some rubbing alcohol.

What's the benefit of using rubbing alcohol?

In most cases, you simply need a magic eraser to remove scuff marks from your luggage. Made of melamine foam — a dense, gritty material that's equivalent to the finest sandpaper — these sponges work to scrub away and lift off dirt with minimal effort. To use a magic eraser, wet it and then put in some elbow grease to rub away any marks you might see.

However, there are some stains that even a magic eraser can't handle — and that's where rubbing alcohol comes in. Put simply, alcohol has degreasing properties — as in, it's able to cut through grease and oil — that can break down certain types of stains a lot easier than soapy water ever could. Plus, since it's also great for disinfecting and sanitizing, you'll be giving your suitcase a much-needed clean while you work to remove those stubborn marks.

Whatever you do, make sure you never — and we mean NEVER — combine alcohol with other cleaning agents like bleach while trying to clean something. Per the International Association for Chemical Safety, mixing these two agents will create chloroform — a dangerous chemical agent that can lead to potential health problems, including unconsciousness, skin rashes, damage to the nervous system, cancer, and cardiac arrhythmia.