This Calming Costa Rican Beach Is A Total Surfer's Paradise Off Tourists Radar

Costa Rica is a magical place with some beautiful beaches. There is so much to do, with every vista worthy of a postcard, plenty of water sports, and lots of animals to spot. However, the problem with such a stunning place is that you're usually not the only person with the brilliant idea to visit. While a crowd hardly takes away from the breathtaking sights, sometimes you just need a break from other people. Maybe you want to grab your surfboard and catch a wave without bumping into other surfers. It's a vast ocean. Why does everyone else have to surf exactly where you planned to visit? 

If you're looking for a secluded spot to try surfing or merely want to escape the crowds, we know just the place. There is a beach on the west side of Costa Rica, just about 20 minutes south of the popular town of Jaco called Esterillos Osete Beach. There are three beaches with the name Esterillos: Osete (west), Este (east), and Centro (center). There is a paved road to get there (Highway 34), so unlike some hidden beaches that tourists haven't visited en masse yet, you don't need a 4x4 to get there. Let's take a look at this pretty hidden gem of a beach and what to do while you're there.  

All about Esterillos Oeste Beach in Costa Rica

Esterillos Oeste Beach is about two hours from Juan Santamaría International Airport, so it's not difficult to get to, even if you've just landed. It's a long beach with a coastal road that you can follow for fun after your surfing day. If you visit during low tide, there are plenty of tidepools to search for creatures and splash around in. Sadly, the mermaid statue that once graced the water, called La Sirena, has washed away, but there is a mermaid sign at the entrance, so you know where you're going. 

In the background, you'll see lovely coconut and almond trees, and you might even spy a beautiful macaw in one of them. You may also see some monkeys, sloths, and iguanas. Even better, you're near national parks like the Manuel Antonio National Park, about an hour down the coast, and Carara National Park, the Central American national park with stunning wildlife views. At the latter, you will see crocodiles sunning themselves under Tarcoles Bridge. If you visit the beach from December through April, you'll likely have a perfect beach day. 

Surfing and water sports at Esterillos Oeste Beach

You should know that this isn't the best swimming or snorkeling area, as the currents can be strong. However, that makes it just about perfect for surfing. If you're an experienced surfer, this is a great spot for you, and it isn't well-known outside of the surfing community. That doesn't mean you can't surf here (or wade or lounge in the sun) if you're new to the sport. You can rent surfing equipment in the small town of Esterillos Oeste and sign up for some surfing lessons at a number of places. That way, you have someone to help you navigate your first attempt at hanging ten. 

On a safety note, it's important to never leave anything valuable in your car, as it could be stolen. The town of the same name has plenty of places to eat, like El Patio Bar and Grill, known for casual food like wings and burgers. Soda Margarita's has picnic table seating and some wonderful seafood. It's Costa Rica, which means you have to try it.