This Lesser-Known, Dreamy Seaside Village In Italy Will Win Over Any Seafood Lover

Sicily is one of Italy's most delicious regions and the island has much to offer those who love seafood. To enjoy it at its freshest, head to a fishing village where it can be on your plate the day it is caught. One of the best places to do just that is Marzamemi, an underrated Italian tourist destination that is a must-visit for foodie travelers.

Marzamemi has a rich fishing history as it used to be home to a "tonnara" (tuna fishery) where this fish would be processed. This is why the village now exists, but even all these years later, food is still at the heart of this place. As Marzamemi is warm all year round, it is a great place to visit in the fall when it is less crowded. Its beautiful location means it is the ideal place to relax with laidback meals and peaceful walks along the beach. The town center has retained its heritage which makes it easy to imagine how things used to be in Marzamemi.

What to eat in Marzamemi

It goes without saying that tuna is the number one food to enjoy in this village. The nearby town of Pachino also grows tasty tomatoes so these are two important ingredients here. Fresh seafood like fried fish, calamari, and shrimp is also popular here. It is not surprising that tiny Marzamemi has two restaurants that have made their way into theĀ Michelin Guide, or that they focus on creating delectable seafood dishes.

Cortile Arabo has a terrace overlooking the ocean and Taverna La Cialoma is located in a decommissioned tuna fishery. However, the restaurant that is rated as number one in Marzamemi according to Tripadvisor reviews is a much more budget-friendly option. The La Casa Del Pomodoro is known for its Pachino tomato-based dishes, namely its pasta, spaghetti, and pizza all covered in this local delicacy. If you're exploring Italy on a shoestring budget, then you can buy some tuna, tomatoes, and crusty bread to make yourself a tasty Marzamemi sandwich.

What to do in Marzamemi

Apart from eating and drinking, the best way to get to know tiny Marzamemi is with a stroll around its picturesque streets. Start at the old Tonnara di Marzamemi and take in the other historical buildings around the Piazza Regina Margherita, including the fishermen's houses. You can also walk along the beach, see the old harbor and watch the fishing boats go by.

If you want to get more of a feel for Marzamemi's food heritage, head to Vendicari Nature Reserve where you can see more tonnara ruins as well as spot the ageing salt pans. As it has now been given over to nature, you'll probably discover some birds going after Sicily's famous seafood too! There are two islands off the coast of Marzamemi that can be reached by boat. These are Isola Grande and Isolotto Brancati (nicknamed Isola Piccola). It is also just a 30-minute drive from Noto, the Italian town whose cathedral was featured in the HBO smash-hit TV show "White Lotus." Once you've done all this, the only thing left is to sip an apertivo by the sea as the sun goes down.