Visiting Disneyland In Paris? Here's A Tip To Maximize Your Time As Best As Possible

Heading overseas to enjoy a fun vacation is always exciting. It's also a little bit magical for those who make time in their schedule for a stop at Disneyland Paris. This popular amusement park in Europe draws in crowds year-round, with Statista reporting averages nearing 10 million visitors a year as of 2022.

Disneyland Paris is home to two theme parks for guests to explore, known as Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Very much in line with other Disney parks around the globe, the parks at Disneyland Paris are places where contending with crowds and waiting in daunting lines are simply a realistic part of the experience. The good news is that there are some great options available to reduce those wait times and make more of your day. The Extra Magic Time feature is one you won't want to overlook when you're heading this way.

Extra Magic Time is an entry perk that gives guests access to the parks a full 60 minutes before the gates open to general admission ticket holders. When you get an hour's head start on the fun, there's a lot you can accomplish. That added time could be put to good use riding some of your favorite attractions without competing with massive lines, taking fun photos with a crowd-free background, or simply enjoying a rare peaceful theme-park moment before everyone else arrives.

Accessing Extra Magic Time and the added fun

The Extra Magic Time available at Disneyland Paris is as useful for returning guests as it is for first-timers. Accessing this early entrance perk is as simple as booking your stay in one of the seven Disneyland Paris hotels available on-site. When your reservation is confirmed, the Extra Magic Time feature is automatically built into your experience.

Disneyland Paris hotels are your closest accommodation option when you want to stay near the parks. When you pair that proximity with a 60-minute early entrance, you're well on your way to maximizing your day of fun. It's good to note that the Extra Magic Time is applied to each day of your Disneyland Paris hotel stay. That means that if you're booking a two-day adventure, you can spend a full day at each park with early arrivals included every morning.

For many who use Extra Magic Time, taking advantage of minimal waits at those top thrill rides typically packed by the afternoon is a priority. If you're traveling with young children, it's a great opportunity to check those must-visit attractions off your list before wait times cause meltdowns later in the day. When the gates finally open to everyone else, you'll have already hit many of your top rides during your Extra Magic Time. That means you're free to track the remaining rides in real-time, and strategically stay ahead of growing lines with peace of mind.