11 Airlines With The Best Customer Service, According To Passengers

It's safe to say that flying is not what it used to be. Prices are rising, and so are the number of complaints, particularly from those with mobility issues and other specialized needs. Airlines are increasingly looking to institute cost-cutting measures and efficiency improvements, and the pandemic years have only served as an impetus for rapid, transformative change throughout the industry. Labor issues are persistent in all areas of the air travel space, including in the control towers that provide critical guidance to vessels both in the sky and on the ground. But, even amid this turbulent moment in air travel, plenty of airlines are showcasing how to do the job with grace and customer-focused attention.

While many airlines are introducing new fees to the chagrin of passengers (like budget carrier Ryanair's in-person check in fees), others continue to prove that quality service while flying can be achieved. Comfortable air travel has seemingly become a luxury that many people consider part of a bygone era of flight. But the reality is that great customer service can still be found in the sky, as well as before departure. After reading through real reviews from passengers (and taking into account accolades from industry awards bodies), we've determined that the following airlines are the best in the business when it comes to customer service.


Lufthansa is a great starting point when considering airlines that really shine. The German airline's service record has been truly stellar throughout its 70 year history (it was formed in 1953 shortly after an early German airline going by the same name ceased operations). With its subsidiary airlines thrown into the mix, Lufthansa is the biggest in Europe in both the number of passengers who use the service and the size of the overall fleet. Lufthansa airplanes average an age of 13.1 years, and it is both the largest European owner of Airbus A380 models as well as the Boeing 747-8.

In terms of service, Lufthansa was a founding member of the Star Alliance group, bringing together multiple large airlines around the world for improved global services for passengers. In 2018, Lufthansa was named Europe's only five star airline by Skytrax, and in 2019, it was selected as the ratings body's best airline in Europe for the third year in a row. Flyers transiting through Lufthansa's hub in Frankfurt will also enjoy the largest network of flight destinations offered in any airport across the globe. Travelers who frequent the airline have praised the cleanliness of the airplanes, the seat comfort, the check-in and boarding processes, and the airline's attentive customer service representatives.

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines offers over 5,000 flights per day with 325 destinations around the globe, making the American airline the second largest in the world. Delta is consistently ranked as a highly customer focused brand with excellent service. Skytrax surveyed more than 13 million customers between 2019 and 2021 based on things like staff friendliness, in-flight entertainment and food options, seat comfort, and ease of booking, and Delta came out on top as the best North American airline. The standards have remained high: In J.D. Power's 2023 North American airline satisfaction study, Delta ranked first in overall customer satisfaction in the premium economy segment and a close second in both first/business class and economy/basic economy.

Customers who fly with Delta frequently note that even with unassigned seats the airline won't typically split up families and other reservations made together, which is a relief for those traveling with children. Passengers have given Delta high marks for seat comfort and legroom, its stress free check-in and boarding process, and its customer service personnel, who do their best for every flyer. This airline is a fantastic option for those looking to be treated well while on the move. What's more, Delta has recently made a change to the cups it uses onboard, eliminating around 7 million pounds of single use plastic per year from its ecological footprint.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is one of the most luxurious airlines you can fly. The Middle Eastern airline offers long haul flights all across the globe, including one of the world's longest routes in Doha to Auckland, a journey of over 9000 miles. In 2023, it won the Skytrax award for world's best business class for the tenth time. "Qatar Airways is delighted to win the world's best business class award at this year's Skytrax World Airline Awards," Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, said in a statement. "This is testimony to the collective endeavor in the airline that enables us to deliver an unsurpassed customer experience." Qatar also scooped the awards for best airline in the Middle East, world's best business class lounge, and world's best business class lounge dining.

Customers have raved about the cabin crew on flight routes across the world and seat comfort is often noted in glowing terms. Qatar's airplanes provide some of the most spacious seats of any airline, allowing passengers to truly relax while flying. Qatar Airways is also renowned for its great meals, friendly staff, and a comfortable travel experience no matter how long your flight might be. What's more, Qatar planes include onboard Wi-Fi and easily accessible charging ports so that you can work or play on mobile devices throughout your transit. The airline also provides roughly 4,000 unique entertainment options including movies, TV shows, and games.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines currently boasts the world's longest flight route, the 9585-mile journey from New York to Singapore. With a flight time of almost 19 hours, it's a good job that this airline is renowned for its comfort and service. The professional cabin crew and the wide array of entertainment options are among the highlights often noted by satisfied passengers. It's one of just seven world class airlines according to The Airline Passenger Experience Association, and the carrier was named number one airline in the world by Skytrax in 2023, inching out Qatar Airways for the top spot.

Singapore offers numerous long haul flights, and it provides short hop flights within its backyard as well. No matter where you're flying to on Singapore Airlines, great baggage allowances, a sterling safety record, and flight attendants that are committed to providing the best experience possible for travelers combine for a fantastic journey. Over 15,000 people have rated the airline as excellent on TripAdvisor, with the legroom, the in-flight entertainment, the food, and the staff all scoring top marks from passengers. "Amazing cabin crew that was attached to the economy class seats," one satisfied customer wrote. "They went above and beyond to help me find a lost earbud."


The Dubai-based airline Emirates has a four-star rating from Skytrax and is among the world's safest carriers. Travelers are given a pretty generous baggage allowance — even with basic economy fares you'll be able to bring a 50 lb (23 kg) checked bag on board with no added cost. Many passengers flying with the airline have singled out the check-in and boarding processes, the inflight entertainment, and the customer service for praise. On TripAdvisor (where the airline has won the travelers' choice award four times), Emirates has been rated excellent by over 36,000 satisfied customers.

In 2023, Emirates was named fourth-best airline in the world by Skytrax. While this was a slight dip (it claimed the third place the year before), it still goes to show just how highly this airline is rated by passengers and industry professionals alike. Emirates connects travelers to 133 destinations across virtually the entire planet. Dubai is a wonderful stopover point for anyone traveling around the world, and it's hard to outdo the country's premium airline when it comes to customer service, comfort on board, and itinerary options. "Food, legroom, toilets, couldn't be faulted," one TripAdvisor user said. "Would highly recommend for a pleasant long haul trip."

Japan Airlines

Skytrax named Japan Airlines as the fifth-best airline worldwide in 2023, and the outfit has been named the best economy class airline by Skytrax on three separate occasions. It offers ample legroom, beating out its competitors in this regard, along with excellent in-flight entertainment and great food on any route within Japan or internationally. Japan Airlines was also named on APEX's list of World Class airlines in 2022, with specific mention given to the carrier for its hospitality and service. "Japan Airlines shares with the rest of the industry a huge responsibility in making air travel both safe and sustainable," the airline's president Yuji Akasaka said following the award. "We will continue to strive towards creating a safe and secure society, and a future that is sustainable."

The little things go a long way on a Japan Airlines plane. Not only do the seats offer great legroom, thanks to a slim design, but each passenger's seating space is also augmented with small touches like power outlets and a water bottle holder. In addition, travelers have access to in-flight Wi-Fi and a fantastic entertainment system housed within a 10.6-inch touchscreen. Travelers often speak highly of the airline's comfort, but they also rave about the check-in process, the food and beverage service, and the customer service experience. The pilots have also come in for praise on TripAdvisor, with one customer writing, "Take off and ascent to cruising altitude was smooth, no sharp turns, and the pilot didn't full throttle to 10,000ft."


JetBlue is a consistent favorite among travelers in North America, particularly on the United States' East Coast: The airline offers connections through multiple airports Florida, New York, and Massachusetts. JetBlue also flies to several airports in California, as well as a smattering of Caribbean and South American destinations and a few European cities. JetBlue was ranked as the best North American airline for customer service (first and business class travel) by J.D. Power in 2023, and passengers appear to agree, ranking seat comfort and customer service highly in reviews. 

JetBlue routinely scores high marks for service in other areas, as well: The airline scooped travelers' choice awards in a four-year block from 2017 to 2020 on TripAdvisor. What's also great about JetBlue is that it has added a family seating guarantee to its policies. This means that reservations made together (of the same seating type) will be grouped together to ensure that children aren't separated from their parents while traveling. The airline is also known for its inclusion of free DirecTV, and JetBlue even offers free Wi-Fi across the cabin. Coupled with fantastic legroom for economy seats, JetBlue is a great option for many travelers venturing across the United States and Caribbean.


If being on time is important to you, then you'll love SAS (aka Scandinavian Airlines), which is routinely ranked as one of the most punctual airlines in the sky. SAS is a budget carrier and the national airline of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. It operates primarily in Europe but also has routes to North America, East Asia, and North Africa. SAS is part of the Star Alliance airline group, so it throws its lot in with industry giants like Singapore Airlines, United Airlines, and Turkish Airlines, to name but a few.

SAS is consistently rated highly for boarding and check-in services, as well as cleanliness, in-flight entertainment, seat comfort, and amenities. The carrier provides some nice additions for travelers, too, like complementary coffee and tea while in the air, and magazine and newspaper options included in the SAS app. Also, if you're traveling with children, SAS offers great discounts on flight prices. The airline is staffed by true professionals who appear to genuinely care for the travelers they are flying with. Reviews of the airline's performance are largely glowing recommendations of the service and often note the friendliness of the flight attendants.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

If you're a history buff, you'll get a kick out of flying with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, which is the oldest carrier in the world still using its original name. In an industry marked by rapid change, KLM has been a stalwart air travel provider for more than 100 years, having been founded in 1919. The airline brings passengers to 150 global destinations and is a SkyTeam member, making it part of a truly gigantic international network of airlines. It did itself proud during the pandemic, receiving a COVID-19 Airline Excellence award for its diligent service during one of the most trying times in aviation history.

Customers who have reviewed the airline have heaped praise on its onboard services, its cleanliness, its boarding and check-in processes, its customer service, and the onboard experience more broadly. The airline's professional yet laid back and approachable cabin crew make flying KLM a genuine pleasure. The crew is made up of more than 10,000 members that work across the airline's fleet, and they all take customer service and the personal touches seriously. A great flight experience capped off by the personalities of the flight attendants is something that KLM travelers have come to expect from every flight, no matter the distance traveled or the cabin section.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines was at the center of a shocking in January 2024 when flight 1282 suffered a door plug blowout and an outer section of the plane fell off, leading to an emergency landing in Oregon. As a result, the airline grounded its fleet of Boeing 737 Max 9 planes and Boeing itself added further quality inspections to the 737 Max. However, this shouldn't reflect badly on Alaska Airlines, a reliable airline that has grown into a high volume carrier serving destinations across the entire United States — it's now the fifth largest in the country and flies to over 115 destinations. 

The airline was named Newsweek's airline for best customer service in 2023, the second year in a row it took the accolade. Passenger reviews paint the same picture, with the airline's onboard experience, seat comfort, and customer service processes all well thought of. Alaska Airlines is also highly regarded when it comes to rewards programs. "Alaska's Mileage Plus loyalty program is top-notch," reports NerdWallet. "Award tickets can be redeemed for as few as 5,000 miles, and miles are accumulated based on the distance you fly, not how much you spent on your ticket." It's also regarded as a very safe airline despite the headline-grabbing blowout — in fact, it was named the safest domestic airline by AirlineRatings.com in 2021.

United Airlines

United Airlines is one of the biggest carriers in the world, with more than 1,300 aircraft in its fleet. Historically it hasn't been able to compete with the cream of the crop, but it's been making strides in recent years. In 2023, United featured in Skytrax's top 100 airlines worldwide, coming in at 49th overall. This position might not turn heads, but the American airline jumped up from 60th place the year before. Another big leap occurred in AirHelp's rankings between 2018 and 2019, with United vaulting up more than 20 places to 16th.

So why are people changing their minds about United Airlines all of a sudden? In two words: customer service. Travelers report that the Wi-Fi connection isn't always the most reliable, but they rate the customer service provided by the cabin crew as the airline's best feature. Passengers note specifically that they often find United staff friendly and helpful when facing travel difficulties. Plane cleanliness and the check-in and boarding processes have also been praised.

The reputation of United Airlines took a huge hit in 2017 when airport police violently removed a passenger so a staff member could take his seat. In response, United brass moved quickly to enact policy changes that would prevent similar incidents. "Our policies got in the way of our values," United CEO Oscar Munoz told NBC. United has continued to make changes to its service in an effort to strengthen passenger trust, and, in 2023, the airline announced that it will add an accessibility filter to its website to help travelers with disabilities be more informed.

Our methodology explained

The airlines discussed here are all highly rated by award-giving organizations like J.D. Power, Skytrax, and others. In addition to their prestige in the form of awards, each one of these airlines are consistently touted as providing great customer care by the people who use their services. Travelers often have glowing things to say about every one of these airlines, and for good reason. Each airline listed has worked for years to create a reputation for great service and reliable travel. Some of them have experienced hiccups in the past, but those that have made mistakes have also taken steps to solve broken internal decision making processes in order to improve. These airlines are some of the most comfortable, reliable, and service-driven in the industry according to reviews from real people on websites like TripAdvisor and Flight-Report.com.