RuPaul Shares His Favorite Hack To Use When Packing For A Trip

"RuPaul's Drag Race" superstar RuPaul Charles definitely knows a thing or two about how to walk in this world, whether that be in fierce pumps or comfy Gucci loafers. Over the years, the "Supermodel (You Better Work)" singer has made sure that we all remember to "sashay! shante!" our way through life. It turns out the Queen of Drag also lives by a very strict set of rules when it comes to travel, and RuPaul recently shared his tried-and-true travel hack that makes organizing his carry-on a breeze.

Shared to his official TikTok, Charles explained in the caption that he always thinks "like a Boy Scout," meaning: Be prepared when it comes to packing your handbag. Charles then goes on to show to his 1.4 million TikTok followers that there is not a single loose item in his bag. Rather, he opts to organize each item he travels with by dividing them into smaller, soft mesh bags that he can just pull out of his bag, easy-peasy, and not forget a single item — especially when he's changing bags. This might be the ultimate packing hack that will have you screaming, "Yaaaaaas, Queen!"

Smaller mesh bags organized by category keep everything in place

"I was a Boy Scout, so I have always lived with this creed: Be prepared," RuPaul Charles explains in his viral TikTok packing video, which has been liked more than 89,000 times at the time of publication. Like a true Boy Scout, the TV host organizes his handbag with smaller mesh bags, each sticking to a theme or category. "This is so when I switch bags, I don't miss something that I need while the transfer happens," he explains. 

In the video, we see Charles detail what's inside each mesh bag. "This has electronics stuff in it — headphones. These are attachments; matches are in here. Pen in here, tablet, a toothpick, lip balm..." He is also a big fan of carrying cure-all remedies, like valium ("Just in case," he admits), or baking soda, which he swears can be mixed with a teaspoon of water to cure an upset tummy. Perhaps the most on-brand cure-all he carries is double-sided tape because, "it is the cure for a myriad of problems that could arise."

We love this idea of packing everything into smaller mesh bags, because that way, your charging cords won't get caught on anything and you'll be able to easily grab something you're looking for. It's the same idea as using packing cubes to free up space in your bag, while keeping things organized and tidy. 

Yes, RuPaul loves to wear a track suit

This isn't the first time RuPaul Charles has dished on his ultimate travel hacks. In 2018, he spoke with The New York Times and went into further detail about why he packs light, packs smart, and packs like a Boy Scout. According to him, he has cultivated these travel hacks because his life is constantly in motion. "I packed a bag when I was 15 years old and I've never unpacked it," he told the outlet. "I knew from day one I was going to hit the road and never stop." 

Like every seasoned traveler, he never checks his luggage when he flies because, "Ain't nobody got time for baggage claim." He doubled-down in the interview on his undying love for double-sided tape (it keeps his tie in place) and matches (for lighting candles during a bath), but also revealed some other smart and easy packing tips, like preferring an iPad over physical books. "I love the iPad because I can have books and my 'Golden Girls' episodes on there, and do my banking, and everything on it." So we're not the only ones who binge "The Golden Girls" on flights? Phew!

But perhaps the most relatable packing hack he shares is the need for a comfy outfit. "I've learned over these 45 years of traveling that you really just need some lounge clothes to wear around the hotel. That could be a track suit that you could also, in a pinch, wear down to Starbucks in the morning."