This Little Known Town Is Basically A Slice Of New England In The Midwest

If you enjoy traveling through small-town America and experiencing the unique beauty each one brings, you'll want to stop by the often-overlooked, quaint town of Granville, Ohio. Its architecture will make you feel like you're somewhere in New England rather than the middle of the Midwest. This largely concerns its history: New Englanders ventured west and built this town in the early 1800s. Nowadays, friendly faces, delicious food, and picturesque quaintness are all quintessential features of this charming small town.

Its population is just over 5,500. You'll find a variety of shops to peruse, restaurants to dine in, museums to wander, fun outdoorsy activities like hiking and kayaking to engage in, and more. You'll have a delightful time as you fill your days with leisure activities. Enjoy the slow pace of small-town life and all of the beauty it offers in Granville, Ohio. Whether you come alone or with family, you'll be able to experience its charm firsthand.

History and boutiques

History buffs will love the museums and stories Granville's buildings hold, many of which were built when the town was founded. One museum worth checking is the Robbins Hunter Museum, which served as a private residence and fraternity house before becoming a showroom. Robbins Hunter Jr., a former private owner of the home, historian, and antiquarian, made the space museum-ready; it opened its doors to the public after his death. Inside, you'll find antique furniture and a beautiful art collection. Another museum you can add to your itinerary is the Granville Historical Society Museum, which highlights the area's past. Note that both museums are closed in the winter months.

Another way you can take in the architecture is through window shopping. TheĀ Readers' Garden Bookstore is the perfect place for those wanting to support a local business as they seek out their next great read, and Cedar & Thread is the place to go if you're looking to upgrade or accessorize your wardrobe. Regardless of your shopping needs and preferences, you'll likely find what you want inside a picturesque building.

Where to eat and more to do

When you inevitably get hungry, you'll want to stop by and dine in at one of the town's many restaurants. If you're looking for pure Americana cuisine, you're in luck; Granville has a plethora of spots serving classic American fares. The Granville Inn offers breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. The Broadway Pub, which has 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor, features a unique menu with dishes ranging from hot honey-baked pizza to deep-fried meatloaf sandwiches.

In addition to things in town, you can venture a little further out and choose between an urban and natural setting. Columbus, Ohio, is only a 30-minute drive away and offers a variety of things to do and places to eat. Alternatively, outdoor enthusiasts can opt to spend time amongst the trees and hike along paths like the 4.2-mile Infirmary Mound Trail. Whatever you decide to do, you'll likely have a delightful time exploring this little Midwestern town with a strong New England feel.