This Coastal Town In Australia Is One Of The Best Foodie Destinations

An underrated oasis of flourishing agriculture and maritime heritage, Ulladulla, Australia might not be the first town that comes to mind when picturing a foodie destination, but don't let that fool you! Just as leading culinary hotspots such as Verona and Oaxaca have secured their spots on foodie traveler's bucket lists, Ulladulla is a fierce competitor. A coastal city in the state of New South Wales, the community is blessed with an abundance of sunshine and warmth, even more so than its nearby neighbor, Sydney.

Ulladulla's history as a leading port town with a strong fishing community is deeply ingrained in the town's history. The name "Ulladulla" translates to "safe harbor", pointing to its roots as a local fishing port that's supported the town's deep roots in the fishing industry. Today, the town still celebrates its deeply-seated maritime history with the annual Fleet Festival, a lively montage of cultural displays, a boat parade, and highlights of the local cuisine. Famous for its seafood and beef, fresh fish, prawns, and oysters are all staples in the diets of Ulladulla locals, staying true to their town's cultural identity. 

A land of intensive agriculture from land to sea, the earliest settlers cultivated everything from dairy products to wheat, honey, meat, and fresh produce. Not surprisingly, Ulladulla is also a leading supplier of the region's fish, given the harbor that's served as a docking station for fleets since the early 1900s. While Ulladulla remains committed to its seafood-forward cuisine, visitors to this town can expect to find a variety of global fares.

Indulge in European fare with a seafood twist

Cupitt's Estate, a family-owned and operated winery, brewery, farm, and restaurant, draws its culinary inspiration from European fare. Sustainability and authentic hospitality are the leading pillars of this eatery's foodie philosophy. In addition to their on-site restaurants, they also operate as a wedding venue featuring luxury accommodations. Cupitt's Restaurant is the main farm-to-table eatery on this estate, open for lunch seven days a week, with dinner served Tuesday through Saturday. Of course, seafood is the highlight at Cupitt's, with charred 'Greek' octopus and pan-roasted ocean trout as just a few of its indulgent seafood-forward dishes. Dusty's Garden Bar (also on-site) offers casual outdoor dining. This alfresco bar delivers everything from seafood plates and charcuterie boards with seasonal local produce to woodfire pizzas.

Carlo's Italian Restaurant combines the best of both worlds with a fusion of Italian and seafood-focused fare. Paired with a house-blended cocktail, it's a match made in heaven! One of the best restaurants in Ulladulla, calamari, mussels, salmon, and lobster are house specialties, as are traditional Italian favorites like ravioli and spaghetti. Can't decide between the two? Order the Prawn al Porto plate, a blend of prawns, cheese, tomato, garlic, and fresh basil. The bright and airy atmosphere creates an inviting space to enjoy your meal while natural lighting and open windows toast the region's rich and breathtaking environment. The abundance of fresh, local ingredients transcends the dining experience to one of pure bliss for foodie fans.

Dive into Asian fusions and authentic Aussie fare

Tanoshi Restaurant, an upscale fine-dining Japanese craft house, is a local hot spot for Asian fare in Ulladulla. Seafood is the emphasis on this creative restaurant's menu, with various types of sushi and sashimi. Their teri salmon plate is a classic, while tiger shrimp rolls and kingfish sashimi are the showstoppers.

For an eclectic and trendy dining experience, stop by The Ruse. This airy brunch outlet features live music, crafty cocktails, and aesthetically appealing dishes. Overlooking the gorgeous Ulladulla harbor, the panoramic ocean views only add to this whimsical foodie experience. Delivering authentic Australian-style fare, pop in for "brekky" or brunch, with all of the meals crafted from local, seasonal ingredients for the freshest approach to culinary art.

The Ruse specializes in a little of everything, from pulled pork tortas and green smoothie bowls to huevos rancheros. Many of their items feature fun, quirky monikers, such as The Holy Bowly, High Life, and Quinoa Bircher. Complement your brekky bowl or toast with one of their signature beverages, boasting a unique blend of superfoods. The Magical Mushies Hot Chocolate is loaded with adaptogens, while their Malt of the Earth is naturally sweetened with coconut sugar and mesquite, offering a hefty dose of minerals and vitamins. With so many different styles of cuisine, you'll want to add Ulladulla to your Australian itinerary.