These Are The Most Electric Vehicle-Friendly Road Trips, According To E-Charging Maps

You've invested in an electric vehicle (EV) or are interested in renting one for your next road trip. Fantastic! EVs are the way of the future, as demonstrated by ownership rates of EVs and hybrids in the U.S., which have increased from around a million in 2016 to well over 10 million in 2023. However, in parts of the U.S. and the world, electric cars are still a novel idea, thus taking a road trip could be difficult in regions with few charging stations. Lucky for you, we've researched the most electric vehicle-friendly road trips around the globe, so you can rest assured your next trip in an EV is stress-free.

We cross-referenced information from tools like PlugShare EV Trip Planner and Open Charge Map with Google results to find electric vehicle-friendly road trips in the U.S. and abroad. The routes and destinations included have numerous charging stations of all types, so you won't be required to own or rent a Tesla or another specific make to take these routes. And some of the destinations might surprise you, as we have four different continents represented, ensuring there's an EV road trip out there for everyone. From coastal routes and desert adventures to rural drives through the countryside, you'll enjoy scenic views on all of these electric vehicle-friendly road trips. 

The West Coast - United States

The classic American road trip conjures up images of the crashing Pacific Ocean on one side and palm trees and mountains on the other, both bathed in golden sunshine. Whether you're a West Coaster yourself or coming from a bit further afield, this iconic stretch of the U.S. is a favorite among travelers looking for a beautiful road trip. It also has some of the highest density of electric vehicle chargers in the U.S.

We examined both PlugShare and Open Charge maps, where a quick glance shows a high concentration of plug-ins all over the Left Coast. The charging stations dot all major highways: I-5, which runs from the Canadian border all the way to the Mexican border, Highway 101, which runs from the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state down to LA, and Highway 1, the quintessential coastal route most people envision for their multi-day oceanside drive (and often overlaps with the 101.) Grocery stores, gas stations, and parking lots allow plenty of opportunities to charge up while also providing amenities such as bathrooms and snacks.

The Côte d'Azur - France

The U.S. might be where EVs were first popularized, but Europe is quickly getting on board. Imagine lounging by the Mediterranean first thing in the morning, coffee in hand, and then you jump in the car to head to some low-lying mountains for a hike before enjoying a nice wander in a quintessential Provençal town in the evening. This is all absolutely doable on an electric vehicle road trip. 

France, a country better known for its extensive rail network, is also home to what DS Automobile claimed was Europe's best EV road trip in 2022 — the Côte d'Azur, specifically the stretch between Nice and Menton, just next to the Italian border. The region boasts some of the highest numbers of EV charging stations in Europe. While other areas might match the availability of charging stations, none do with the same frequency through such a scenic route. Additionally, this road trip features numerous attractions, tourist sites, and beaches. So, while some highways and roads on the continent might have similar numbers of vehicle chargers, those routes don't carry travelers through the South of France.

The Lakes and the Sea - Slovenia

This small and compact Balkan country has recently had a big push to make tourism more eco-friendly. It actively encourages visitors to try out an EV on its tourism website, and when you go to rent a car in Slovenia, you're always given the option to rent fully electric vehicles. That isn't the case in the majority of countries as of now. Beyond this push, the country — particularly the route that stretches from Insta-famous Lake Bled and Vintgar Gorge, through the capital Ljubljana, and down to the coast near Piran — is full of electric charging stations.

The route boasts some of the highest numbers of EV chargers in Europe and has the added bonus of being relatively short. Thus, you'll very rarely be on the road for more than a couple of hours, which means your charge will go further than say a long trip down either coast of the U.S. Ljubljana to Piran is only an hour and twenty-minute drive. You could be stuck in LA traffic for that long! Additionally, as part of Slovenia's push towards sustainability, more and more accommodation providers around the country are installing onsite charging stations every year. So, no matter where you go, you can enjoy one of Europe's still under-the-radar destinations, which is full of fantastic wine, stunning mountains, and adorable towns, driving an EV.

National Park Route - Utah and Colorado

National parks are typically synonymous with wilderness, sparse facilities, and places where you'll need to bring provisions with you. This is why portable, battery-operated chargers are so popular among the outdoorsy types for powering phones and other electronic devices. But alas, science and engineering have not yet invented a portable charger for our vehicles. But, before you rule out a tour of national parks in an EV, as stunning as the scenery might be, we're happy to report that at least two parks in mountain-filled states are easily circumvented in electric vehicles: Utah and Colorado.

The area around Arches and Canyonlands National Park in Utah is full of stations to recharge your EV battery. In Utah, you'll find many charging points along Highway 191, 70, and 46 as you head across the state border. Once you cross into Colorado, you can rest easy knowing that many national forests and mountain highways are also full of places to charge up. This includes the routes southeast to the Mesa Verde and Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, Highway 34 up to Rocky Mountain National Park, and Highway 92 to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. Pack your hiking boots, and a map, and enjoy the mountain views of the West!

The Atlantic Road - Norway

Norway is a great place for a road trip. The roads are well-maintained, pit stops are plentiful, and as of the past few years, you can take a Norwegian road trip in an electric car. Thanks to tax breaks from the government and other incentives, EV ownership has skyrocketed in Norway. To keep up with demand, numerous charging stations have been put in place along some of its most eye-pleasing routes, including the Atlantic Road.

The Atlantic Road is located in the far west of the country, where you'll drive across bridges with the ocean on either side, take in views of out-of-this-world fjords, and pass through charming traditional fishing villages. The availability of charging stations does not initially look very dense, but the short drive times mean you'll likely only need to charge once or twice. Although, with amazing views at every turn, you might be compelled to do so a bit more often than actually necessary.

New England Scenic Routes - Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts

The West Coast isn't the only one embracing the future of travel. If you fancy a New England fall road trip or just want to explore "Stars Hollow" lookalikes, it's now easier than ever to do so in an EV. The upper right of the U.S. has been very successful in constructing charging stations. This is true both in large cities like Boston and Hartford, as well as along picturesque routes through smaller towns and more rural destinations.

The Vermont Route 100 is awash with travelers come September and October — and for good reason. It is an explosion of red, orange, and yellows come fall. The Kancamagus Scenic Byway, which passes through New Hampshire and the White Mountains, and the Old King's Highway to Cape Cod are both tourist favorites. And we can't forget the coastal highway along Maine's rugged beaches. If any (or all) of those sound appealing and you want to take an electric vehicle, don't worry. You'll find that nearly every city, town, and tourist spot along these routes features EV charging stations. 

North Coast 500 - Scotland

At just over 500 miles in total, this circular coastal route in the north of Scotland is a traveler's dream. You'll start in Inverness, home to the famous castle of the same name and numerous archeological sites. One is never far from either (a castle or ruins) in this part of Europe. You don't necessarily need to stick to the route for the entire time, as some of the best parts of visiting this part of the country are random side roads and adventures. In fact, the North Coast (NC) 500 isn't a singular highway or road like many other popular road trips around the world. The route is actually a compilation of various streets around the Highlands, with fantastic views at every turn.

That's all well and good, but how, you might be wondering, EV-friendly is the NC 500? Very. It's been named one of the best road trips in Europe by DS Automobiles. This is thanks, in part, to the more than 40 chargers sprinkled throughout the 500-mile route. And similar to Slovenia, charging spots at accommodations is slowly becoming the norm.

Bruges to Amsterdam - Belgium and the Netherlands

A region best known for a love of bikes would, of course, be conscientious when it comes to eco-friendly car trips. The path from fairytale Bruges to the bursting-with-life Dutch capital is full of charging ports. So, you'll never be far from somewhere where you can extend your car's battery life. The two countries are already geographically compact, and the most direct route from Bruges to Amsterdam is only 345 miles, about the same as traveling from Vancouver, B.C., to Portland, Oregon.

You could technically do the entire road trip in a day, thanks to a short distance and plenty of places to stop up and charge. However, we recommend taking your time, as the most direct route skips some of the best stops. Park your EV at a charging station for the day to explore Ghent, a larger and less-touristy version of Bruges, stroll through Antwerp, one of Belgium's youngest and hippest cities, and don't miss Rotterdam en route to Amsterdam. This route is ideal if you want to see the two countries but prefer a car for the flexibility that trains can't always provide.

Route 62 - South Africa

It might be most often associated with safaris and wine-tasting, but South Africa offers epic road trips. And one that should be at the top of any electric-vehicle driver's list is Route 62. A study by Compare the Market revealed that you'll only need three and a half charges to make this lovely drive from the Western to the Eastern Cape. That may seem like a lot, but with nearly 30 chargers along the way, you'll be well covered.

You also don't need to worry about missing out on any of the top sites or things to do. There are 30 wineries (one for every charging port if you're counting) on Route 62, ensuring you'll get top grapes to pair with the sweeping landscapes. Additionally, you'll enjoy stops not included on the more popular Garden Route. These include the Cango Caves (the largest in Africa), the Cogmanskloof Pass through some of the prettiest mountains on the continent, and the ostrich farms around Oudtshoorn.

Great Ocean Road - Australia

This well-trodden and pretty, down-under drive attracts millions of visitors each year and lives up to its name. The 150-mile road stretches from Torquay (a little over an hour west of Melbourne) to Allansford in the state of Victoria. Australia's Great Ocean Road has many fantastic stops and is full of amazing beaches that are perfect for suntanning and surfing. You'll also find the 12 Apostles rock formations, Loch Ard Gorge, and the London Arch, among other sites along the way. And thanks to recent pushes by the Victorian state government, the number of charging stations around the region, particularly on the ever-favored Great Ocean road, has increased substantially in recent years. With a recent announcement of more charging stations to be constructed in 2024, this route should become even more EV-friendly.

Many travelers undertake the journey in a single day, which is possible with most EVs due to the short length. However, for a more enjoyable trip, we recommend that you allow for a few days to really get the most out of the experience. Find a charging station near a beach to surf, or learn more about the area's history at the many sites and memorials while your car charges.

Ruta 40 - Argentina

As one of the longest countries in the world, Argentina is perfect for a road trip. A favorite route among travelers, the Ruta 40 (Route 40) is now possible in an electric car. For decades, the road presented precarious itineraries for drivers due to the infrequent availability of amenities, including gas stations. However, as EVs have grown in popularity, Argentina has implemented more charging stations around the country. And, luckily for tourists, that includes along the famed Ruta 40. 

There are plans for more to be put in over the next few years, so the road will just become even more EV-friendly with time. And there aren't any plans (that we could find online) to build more gas stations, as fossil fuels continue to be phased out in the decades to come. So, it may actually be a smarter move to rent an electric car for this Argentinian road trip in the future. 

Amalfi Coast - Italy

This delightful Italian coastal route has been referred to as the most EV-friendly in the world. And one glance at a charging station map demonstrates why this is the case. There are many places to charge your vehicle, and the short route means you won't need to charge very often. While beautiful, this famous stretch of coastline isn't for the faint-hearted driver (or those who tend to identify more as a "passenger princess"), as the route features steep drop-offs and narrow lanes. 

Once you look past the rainbow-colored homes on the cliffside and the electric blue water, the actual routes along the Amalfi Coast can be pretty harrowing. But, if you're no stranger to drives that have the potential to induce stress or you're simply up for the challenge (or have a travel partner who is), the Amalfi Coast is truly a dream destination. Even better, it can now be explored in an electric vehicle.


We began with a simple Google search of "the most EV-friendly road trips" around the world and in the U.S. This provided an initial list that we used as a base for research. We then examined these routes on multiple charging station maps, such as Pluge Share and Open Charge Map, to confirm that charging points were readily available on road trips that repeatedly came up in articles.

The plug-in maps also inspired us to write up trips that hadn't appeared in initial research, such as New England and the national parks in Utah and Colorado. Finally, we took into account the distance of each road trip compared to the number of charging stations available along the way. This ensures all the routes we listed featured enough places to stop off and recharge within a reasonable distance between towns and sites.