The Country Where You Can Find One Of The World's Most Remote And Dangerous Roads Ever

If you're looking for a real adventure on your next vacation, how about a 1,000-mile, off-road trip through one of the most remote areas in the world? This jaw-dropping journey can take three weeks and traverses rugged terrain, three epic deserts, and more red dirt than you can shake a kangaroo at. It's in Australia, of course, a country packed full of hidden gem destinations like this one. In fact, the entire route is in Western Australia, the largest state in the country. Say G'day to the legendary Canning Stock Route (CSR). Never heard of it? It's time to put it on your road trip bucket list.

The Canning Stock Route runs from Halls Creek in the Kimberley region to Wiluna, in the middle of the state. The CSR started its life in 1910 as, unsurprisingly, a stock route to take cattle to the markets. It connects 51 wells, each a day's walk apart. Though the track wasn't used for that purpose for long, it's now cemented itself as a must-do for adrenaline seekers who love off-road driving.

Driving the Canning Stock Route

The Canning Stock Route is truly a place to live your Outback dreams. Driving through the Gibson, Great Sandy Desert, and Tanami Desert, you'll crest over 900 sand dunes and power across rocky terrain and Australia's famous red dirt. You'll spend the evenings around a campfire and sleep in the bush under starlit skies. Knowing how to drive over the dunes and navigate the heavily corrugated track is essential. The route's dangers lie in its remoteness and rough terrain. 

While CSR offers splendid isolation, there is a lot to see along the way. The 51 historic wells punctuate the journey. While little remains of some, others have been refurbished and can even provide drinking water. There is also indigenous rock art, rock shelters, and quarry sites to discover. In Wiluna, where you can start or end your journey, visit Tjukurba Art Gallery, where local indigenous artists create and sell their work. Wildlife roams the desert, including species of bilby and wallaby and large herds of camels.

One traveler on TripAdvisor said they were "blown away" by the CSR and wrote that the journey ranged from peaceful to confronting, highlighting the dual nature of this spectacular but challenging trip. Another driver who made a YouTube video of their journey on their channel, The Road Chose Me, said that the CSR was everything they dreamed it would be.

How to plan a trip

Before you start revving up your engine, let's talk logistics. The first thing to think about is when to go. The northern part of Australia has wet and dry seasons. The cooler dry season, from May to September, is the best time to tackle the CSR. At other times, the weather can be too hot or the ground too boggy. Next, you'll need to get a permit from the Kuju Wangka, a collective group of Traditional Owners who manage the route and are custodians of the land. Permit costs are between AU$150 and AU$575, depending on your vehicle type. Apply for one before embarking on this journey.

With the permit in place, consider your vehicle and equipment. You'll need a high-clearance 4x4 and an experienced off-road driver. Have your vehicle checked for mechanical issues before setting off, and carry at least two spare tires and inner tubes. All the necessary pre-trip safety precautions will give you a greater chance of completing the track. 

Traveling in a group or as part of a tour is strongly recommended. There's safety in numbers in the remote Outback. Finally, the Kunawarritji Roadhouse, about 620 miles from Wiluna, is a desert oasis and the only place to reliably get fuel, food, and water on the journey. Make sure you're well prepared before you set off.