This Hidden European Beach Is Perfect For Enjoying Gorgeous Bright Blue Waters

Sunning yourself on a Greek island sounds wonderful, doesn't it? After marveling at the incredible history of the area of the world where democracy started and legends were created, you're going to need some rest and relaxation. That's just science, friends. If that rest happens on the rocks near some crystal blue waters under a warming sun, well, that's what happens when you visit one particular beach on the island of Zákynthos

Sitting as a jewel in the Ionian Sea, just south of the island of Kefalonia, Athenians used Zákynthos as a base during the Peloponnesian War. It's been ruled by Rome, Venice, France, Russia, and the British Empire, attacked by Saracens and Vandals, and became part of modern Greece in 1864. On the west coast of the island, about 30 minutes from the capital – Zákynthos Town or Zante Town — near the village of Agios Leon, you'll find Porto Limnionas. This little protected area not only has the perfect water, but it's great for snorkeling and scuba, with caves aplenty, some underwater. Let's take a look at Porto Limnionas, what you need to know about the beach, and what you can do there.

What to do at Porto Limnionas

This beautiful "beach" is surrounded by rocks and cliffs, with caves dotted around. (Zákynthos is known for its caves.) This isn't your typical beach, however, as it has rocks and pebbles rather than sand. That said, it's the perfect little protected cove with insanely clear water and a whole lot of Greek sunshine. The water is fairly shallow around the rocks, so it's ideal for beginning snorkelers. With water this translucent, you'll be able to see quite a lot. Some places are a bit deeper, and there are some good spots for taking a plunge.

If scuba is your thing, you're in luck, with lots of underwater caves to explore here. However, if you're new to the sport, the Islanders Zante Diving Center is right there to give you some lessons. They'll show you what to do and take you for a dive right at Porto Limnionas on the same day with an instructor. The whole thing takes about an hour.

There is a taverna right as you walk down from the parking lot. You can grab some food and drinks if you want a break from water sports and sunning. It's got the perfect view of the water as well.

What to know before you go

There are a few things you need to know before you visit Porto Limnionas. First, you can rent a sunbed from the taverna, but you'll have to grab them early, especially if you go during July and August. You should also reserve a table at the taverna at the same time. The parking lot is right above the beach, and you'll be walking down the stairs past the taverna to the water, so make sure you have appropriate shoes for rocks. Also, if you don't bring or rent a chair, the ground below you may be a bit hard on your back.

It's best to visit between June and September, or you may get some colder water. That said, this place can get pretty crowded during the high season. Early morning is the best time to go. Bring sunscreen no matter when you visit. You'll need a car because there isn't public transportation to the beach, but having a vehicle will allow you lots of freedom to explore the island.

As you walk down the stairs, you'll see a cave right away, which is very cool. If you bring the right shoes, you can hike around the area as well. If you choose to snorkel (and you should), you'll have to bring your own equipment in as there isn't any to rent. There are bathrooms and changing rooms at the taverna, so you can just relax and swim the day away.