Here's What It Really Means If You See A Rubber Duck On Your Cruise

As if going on a cruise couldn't be any more exciting, nowadays, you just might find yourself a rubber duck, too. It is believed that this trend was started in 2018 by Abby Davis, a 10-year-old who went on a Carnival Cruise and hid 50 ducks aboard just for fun. Finding ducks is the perfect activity for sea days, so it is not surprising that this idea has taken off within the cruise community.

It is customary to put a note on the duck as this can help explain the trend to people who aren't aware of it. If you want to take pictures of your find, there are social media groups dedicated to those who find and hide ducks, so you can share your win there. Some people choose to hide duck-themed items instead of rubber ducks, so keep your eyes peeled for anything that features this animal in an unusual place on your ship.

How to join the rubber duck trend

To join in with this trend, all you need to do is include some rubber ducks when packing for your trip and keep an eye on places where others may be hidden once you board the cruise ship. However, according to The Points Guy, there are some rules to follow, the most important one being avoiding pools when trying to hide the duck, seeing as a person could drown trying to get them if they can't swim.

Gift shops are also a big no-no, as it could look like the duck has been stolen. Additionally, it's essential not to put them anywhere they could be blown off or fall overboard, as that would be classed as littering. For hygiene reasons, it is better to avoid bathrooms or spa areas as the duck could pick up bacteria in those environments. Food preparation areas are also off-limits as they need to be kept clean. As some young children will be looking for the ducks, it is a good idea not to make the hiding places too high up or difficult to find. To cover more ground, you can even join other passengers to hide or look for ducks.

Other cruise ship traditions

While hiding rubber ducks may be a new cruise trend, there have been many ship traditions over the years. As meal times used to be set to specific hours more than nowadays, there used to be a huge midnight buffet for hungry guests who'd stay up later. Chocolate buffets were an additional decadent feature of a cruise, where there would be an array of desserts, including chocolate sculptures. These rarely happen now as liners will offer something smaller, like a chocolate fondue instead.

Another indulgent display, which has been stopped or reduced, is ice statues. Modern technology has also spelled the end of the cruise DVD that used to be sold at the end of the journey as people make their own videos now. All in all, the cruise industry is a fascinating one and changes all the time. So, next time you're aboard, an idea may strike, and you could even start your own tradition.