The Gorgeous Beach That's Been Declared The Third Best In All Of Europe

The beauty of the islands that make up Greece cannot be overstated, with their warm breezes, clear waters, ancient ruins, and incredible food. When you think of Greece, you likely imagine yourself lounging on a sunny beach with a cocktail in your hand, dreaming of the incredible food and sightseeing you'll be experiencing later in the day. 

There is one such beach that you absolutely cannot afford to miss if you're visiting Greece this year. It's on the island of Cyprus on the Greek side (the other side belongs to Türkiye), and it's got everything you could want from an island vacation spot. Plus, it's got a bit of ancient history of its own. Cyprus itself boasts that it is the legendary birthplace of one of the most powerful and important goddesses of the ancient world: Aphrodite. 

This beach is called Fig Tree Bay in the town of Paralimni in Protaras. It's been on several lists of the best beaches in Europe and in the world. It's also a Blue Flag beach, meaning it meets the guidelines for best practices for water quality. 

The history of Fig Tree Bay Beach in Cyprus

The name of Fig Tree Bay comes from the lone fig tree that stands at the back of the beach. According to legend, it was brought by outsiders from the east in the 17th century. There are some ruins near the beach, but one bit of ancient history from the Hellenistic period is right there on the pedestrian walkway down to the shore. In 2010, an unlooted tomb was found by construction workers while digging. Inside there were grave goods, including pottery and four sarcophagi. The locals say this was the resting place of the niece of legendary Trojan War hero, Ajax. They also say that opening it will curse you, so it's a good thing that the grave is covered in glass. You can see it right there as you walk by.

Cyprus is also the island said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty. The jury's still out on whether you'll meet the love of your life here, but hey, it's not a bad place to try. Fig Tree Bay certainly has everything you need for a vacation romance: Warm sand, lovely drinks from the tavernas on the beach, and crystal blue waters. Maybe share some baklava or a koulouri (delicious Greek sesame bread rings) with a stranger and see what happens. 

What you can do at Fig Tree Bay Beach

Fig Tree Bay Beach is just under 300 yards long and just under 50 yards wide, which means its popularity can make it abit crowded at times. It's easy to understand why people love it so much by just looking at pictures. That said, you should try to get there early if you want to rent beach chairs or umbrellas. And if you need a break from other humans, you can swim out to a small island nearby. There is nothing on it, and the plants are short, so you can get a fabulous shot of Fig Tree Bay Beach from there. 

There are facilities like bathrooms, changing rooms, equipment rentals, and access for those with mobility issues, including a wheelchair at the lifeguard tower that can be used in the water with their assistance. The lifeguards are on duty from April through October for safer swimming. There are also plenty of tavernas where you can grab some food (lots of seafood here) and drinks. Plus, there are bars and clubs all over the area if you need a break from the beach.

Water sports are big, including snorkeling. The water is clear and calm, making it just perfect for that. There is also parasailing, jet skiing, and rentals of banana boats, stingrays, and hovercrafts. Απολαύστε την παραλία (which means, "enjoy the beach")!