If You're In Need Of A Spiritual Rejuvenation, This Stunning Forest Retreat In The South Is Perfect

A change of scenery for our morning flows and evening meditations might just help bring a calm to our souls, or at the very least, help soothe our minds. Sure, meditating and practicing yoga in your own space is extremely important and admirable, however, sometimes we need a reset that removes us from our normal environments and takes us somewhere new, somewhere calm and without distractions. If this resonates with you and you're searching for a place to unplug and dive deep into self-discovery and serenity, Wattle Hollow Retreat Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas is just the place for you.

This eccentric wellness retreat is the ideal spot to connect with nature and foster a sacred space to explore yourself. It has several winding paths through the woods with numerous meditation spots, designated places for yoga, charming and unique guest houses, special events, and more. It might just become a peaceful delight for your mind, body, and spirit.

A place for spiritual solace

Wattle Hollow Retreat Center opened in the 1980s and has hosted visitors looking for spiritual solace ever since. The founder, Joy Fox, worked as a licensed therapist for years, but she eventually wanted to integrate nature into her practice. Thus, the idea of a retreat center took root. Now, it consists of several cozy buildings, some serving as lodging, others serving as meditation halls and yoga rooms. "The first time I visited Wattle, I told Joy that never had such a place given me permission to be so truly myself," Fox's friend Stephen Coger told the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

The property expands over 40 acres and can host up to 25 guests in its multiple buildings. You can stay in one of the Cob Castles, which features stained glass windows, Sea World, which imitates visuals of the ocean both inside and outside, and the Teacher's Cabin, which has a tree theme. You can choose amongst them, just be sure that you book far in advance.

Events and location

Wattle Hollow Retreat Centers offers more than a serene environment, meditation halls, and acres of nature to wander and relax in, they also offer events and retreats. For example, they regularly have Dharma Days, which, according to their website, follow the Theravadan Vipassana practice and includes various forms of meditation. They also host unique retreats like the Songwriters' Creativity Weekend, where musicians from all backgrounds gather and explore music and meditation.

The retreat center is located near Devil's Den State Park and is just under a three-hour drive from Little Rock. If you're interested in journeying here, then don't hesitate to reach out. You can either call or email Fox herself to book your stay — be it a solo trip or for a retreat. Check out their website for contact information and to learn more about the history of and happenings at this tranquil spot. Next time you find yourself wanting to recenter yourself and refresh your spirit, body, and mind, consider carving out time for an American wellness retreat and come out to Arkansas for a time of peace and rejuvenation.