Mature man with backpack standing on mountain against sky during wonderful sunrise
10 Reasons Why Your Next Trip Should Be A Wellness Retreat
Retreats are usually designed as tucked away, self-contained enclaves, helping guests to physically and mentally leave behind their daily lives and pick up tangible health benefits. When planning yours, you may want to note that per a Nature Neuroscience study, the positive effects of changing locations increased on pleasant days closer to the weekend.
A Change of Scenery
Comparing walking in the forest to strolls in urban areas, a study found significant reductions in heart rates, blood pressure, anxiety, anger, fatigue, and better moods for those wandering in the woods. Another study showed spending just two hours in nature a week was markedly beneficial for physical and psychological health.
Reconnect With Nature
Mindfulness has been shown to have hugely positive effects on memory function, stress reduction, and emotional stability, according to the American Psychological Association. At wellness retreats, with daily distractions removed and guided help, mindfulness becomes much more effortless to achieve.
Mindfulness and Perspective
Wellness retreats serve healthy, balanced cuisine as part of the holistic experience, focusing on nourishing the palate as well as the soul — but we don’t mean just a sneaky way to embellish tasteless food. Think of dishes made with seasonal ingredients like fresh fruits and vegetables, without unpronounceable additives or that are in any way processed.
Great Food
Wellness retreats encourage visitors to kickstart a healthier lifestyle through practices that are part of the daily routine during their stay, including better eating, improved sleep, attaining inner peace, and finding joy in life's simple pleasures. These influences all play a vital and under-appreciated part in improving overall health.
Kickstart a Healthier Lifestyle