Why This Gorgeous Beach Is Recognized As One Of The Absolute Best In All Of The UK

Along the stunning North Devon coastline sits Woolacombe Beach, the shining example of the United Kingdom's coastal beauty. Renowned for its pristine, family-friendly shores, Woolacombe has a reputation for being one of the absolute best beach destinations in the entire UK. Woolacombe is a slice of seaside paradise in Devon, with expansive golden sands stretching for miles, crystal-clear waters, and a charming beach town.

Visitors flock to Woolacombe for its stunning scenery and wealth of outdoor activities and recreation. A must-visit for surfers, it is home to some of the finest waves in the UK. Additionally, beachgoers can enjoy paddleboarding, hang gliding, swimming, walking, and more.

Woolacombe's natural beauty is nothing short of picturesque, as it is located in one of the UK's Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and across from a perfect view of Lundy Island. And when visitors need a break from the beating sun, they can escape to one of the many storefronts, cafes, and pubs in the vibrant town just outside the beach's borders. It's genuinely an ocean lover's dream.

Woolacombe Beach is one of the UK's premier surf spots

The surf community praises Woolacombe Beach for having consistently ideal wave conditions. The beach's position along the Atlantic coast exposes it to a constant swell, producing excellent waves year-round. In fact, the region of North Devon is the first area in the UK to be listed alongside the best surf spots on Earth as an official World Surfing Reserve.

Whether you're a surfing beginner looking to catch your first break or an experienced rider seeking thrilling challenges, Woolacombe offers a wide range of wave sizes and difficulties to suit all levels of expertise. During winter, the beach can even deliver some of the UK's most exhilarating surf experiences. Meanwhile, the summer offers a more mellow surf, suitable for all levels.

Because of its fantastic waves, Woolacombe boasts a strong surfing community with abundant resources. Numerous surf schools and rental shops line the beach, providing beginners with expert guidance and equipment. Additionally, the town's array of accommodation options, restaurants, and beachfront amenities make it a popular beach destination for surfers.

Things to do while visiting Woolacombe

Although surf is king in Woolacombe, if it's not your cup of tea, there are plenty of other fun things to do on and outside this gorgeous beach. Woolacombe's welcoming waters and dependable waves are optimal for bodyboarding and paddleboarding. The spacious layout is also perfect for playing beach volleyball, frisbee, or simply building sandcastles with the family. These long sandy shores are also ideal for leisurely walks along its dunes. Alternatively, you can explore the nearby coastal hikes overlooking Woolacombe, like the popular 2-mile trail, Morte Point.

In addition to its seaside activities, Woolacombe is home to a conveniently close and charming beach town with shops, cafes, and restaurants. We recommend you head to beloved oceanside eateries like Beach House Restaurant Woolacombe for fresh seafood or The Jube for traditional British pub food. After a day of fun in the sun, there's no better way to unwind than with a delicious meal and stunning view.