This Beach In The Netherlands Is Famous For Having A Little Something For Everyone

The Netherlands is a welcoming European vacation destination for visitors from across the map. Known and loved for its iconic canals, tulip fields, windmills, and sweet treats like Stroopwafel, it's a place where visitors can settle in and relish their experience year-round. If you're searching for a warm-weather beach getaway with something for everyone in your traveling crew to enjoy, look no further than Zandvoort Beach.

Located just over 25 miles from Amsterdam, Zandvoort is home to captivating coastlines waiting to be explored. The destination is home to around 17,500 residents according to Statista, but visitors will find an impressive plethora of activities, attractions, and views to savor. Getting here is simple whether you decide to travel by train or bus. This charming seaside town has a train station within walking distance of the beach that you can reach within 25 minutes of departing from Amsterdam. There are also two convenient bus lines serving Zandvoort. Bus 80 from Amsterdam reaches the beach in about an hour, while Bus 81 from the Haarlem Central Station reaches Zandvoort in around 30 minutes.

Once you arrive, a great way to get around this scenic beach town is by bike. The area has a vast network of trails and cycling routes to explore at your own, preferred pace. Consider dropping by Wijsman Fietsen Zandvoort for easy bike rental options near the shoreline. Here, you'll have access to a variety of rental selections ranging from E-bikes and city bikes to beach bikes and mountain bikes.

On-the-sand fun and nearby entertainment options

The vast and sandy shorelines hugging the North Sea that adorn Zandvoort offer up a great place for locals and visitors alike to enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the warm weather months of the year. This is also a popular place for guests to put their kite surfing and windsurfing skills to work on the waves when visiting the Netherlands. You'll likely see plenty of games of beach volleyball being held across the sand here during the summer while surfing is another activity that brings professionals and novices alike to the shores of Zandvoort. The impressive North Sea winds make flying kites a top activity to enjoy at Zandvoort Beach with little ones in tow while local companies like Manege de Baarshoeve offer horse riding lessons, and guided horseback rides on the beach as well.

Taking time to explore the local dunes is always a scenic treat for travelers visiting Zandvoort Beach with a camera in hand and a passion for nature photography. If you're looking to pair impeccable coastal views and flavor too, there are plenty of picnic pavilions in the area to settle in at and savor the moment in good company. There's also a nearby beach boulevard to stroll along that provides easy access to charming beachside shops and restaurants. If you're hoping to elevate your in-town fun, Circus Zandvoort is within easy reach of the beach and provides access to the local casino, an on-site family-friendly arcade, and movie theaters.

Local events to enjoy and a national park to explore

Zandvoort Beach is a destination with a reputation for holding an exciting array of events throughout the calendar year. Depending on when you arrive, you might find yourself right on time to enjoy the local fun. In February, you can participate in the annual Zandvoort Light Walk. This unique event offers guests a chance to explore four routes of varying lengths along the beach. Each is illuminated at nighttime in a spectacular collection of colorful hues, creating an otherworldly experience right on the shoreline.

The annual Zandvoort Cycling Race is hosted in March as well as the challenging, yet thrilling Circuit Run which draws in athletes from across the globe. One of the most highly anticipated events of the year hosted in Zandvoort is the Dutch Grand Prix. This is held each August and is a must-experience for summertime racing enthusiasts heading this way.

Beyond the local events, a trip to Zandvoort Beach is also ideal for those travelers who have a heart for nature and wildlife. The Zuid-Kennemerland National Park sits just 13 minutes from Zandvoort Beach by taxi. It's home to everything from gorgeous beaches and thrilling dunes to rugged grasslands too. While hiking and biking are popular activities here, it's also a destination where you can view a herd of wisents which are often referred to as European bison. They've been thriving in the park since 2007 and are typically best observed from the Wisent Lookout Point.