The Underrated Destination Where You Can Explore Patagonia Without The Crowds

Patagonia is home to unique wildlife and impressive landscapes. Essentially, it's an adventurer's dream come true. If you've always wanted to visit or plan another trip there, you might want to avoid the crowds. Sure, the land and beauty stay the same no matter how many people come, but maybe you want to experience the quiet and serenity of nature rather than the chatter of fellow hikers. Or, perhaps, you want to increase your chances of seeing animals in their natural habitat. Whatever your reason, you believe that finding a time and place to avoid the swell of visitors is ideal for you. Luckily, there's a region that satisfies that desire.

Aysen is just that place. It's located in northern Patagonia and doesn't draw in as many adventurers as other regions. This, however, doesn't mean that it lacks opportunities for finding great outdoor activities or mind-blowing scenery. It offers both of those, just without the crowds.

Adventures await you

If you plan on visiting Patagonia, you most likely intend to immerse yourself in nature. Aysen is just the place to do it. You'll have miles upon miles of breathtaking hiking trails. You can see land features that range from granite pinnacles to rainforests and ice caps. You can choose from hikes that last for a couple of hours to a multi-day adventure. You can explore on your own or, if you want to learn more about the land as you experience it, go on a guided hike with a wilderness expert.

While in the wilderness, keep an eye out for the abundance of wildlife whose home lies in the forests and steppes. Because the area doesn't draw crowds of sightseers like other regions of Patagonia, you don't have to worry about noise scaring the animals away. You might spot pumas, Andean condors, armadillos, or guanacos as you explore, along with numerous other animals. The flora in the Aysen region is also spectacular. You'll potentially come across plants like Guaitecas cypress, plum pines, calafate, and more.

You can also take advantage of the options for water exploration. Kayaking is a phenomenal option because you can go at your own pace as you traverse diverse sights, including waterfalls. Ride along the Exploradores, Baker, or Palena River alone or on a tour, and if you're a casual or experienced angler, go fishing while on the water.

Boat tours and lodging

If you want to witness sweeping landscapes without the physical demands of hiking or kayaking, consider taking a boat tour. Swoop Patagonia offers adventure cruises that take you through glaciers and Chilean fjords. While Aysen is sparsely populated, there are still places for lodging if you don't want to camp along the hiking trails. 

For example, the El Mirador de Guadal has 5 stars on Tripadvisor and offers a serene environment and a plethora of outdoor activities. Its rooms have stunning glacier views as well as vistas of a lake and mountains, and it offers complimentary breakfast. Prices range from $160 to $350 per night — the establishment rates do not include VAT fees. Next, there's an inn called Hostería de la Patagonia with 4½ stars on Tripadvisor. This hotel, too, has rooms with gorgeous views of a lake and trees. In addition to an inn, it also offers campgrounds.