This Little Known, Cute Beach Town Is A Warm-Weather Escape From It All

Sometimes, escaping the cold isn't enough. At times, we need to escape the bustle of daily life, too. Whether that be the responsibilities at work or home or the incessant sights and sounds of cities, we need peace, quiet, and sunshine. This means researching towns rather than cities to venture to and finding some that offer relaxing scenery and options as well as all the amenities you need to make your stay one of ease and convenience. If this sounds like something you need, consider booking a trip to the warm-weather destination of Cedar Key, Florida.

Cedar Key is a small town of about 900 people,which is located along Florida's Gulf Coast. It's known for fishing — you'll find a diverse array of them in its waters. Some species you'll likely encounter include tarpons, king mackerels, redfish, and more. Additionally, the town has a couple of beaches that are perfect for taking time to unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Activities for land and sea

Cedar Key is ideal for relaxation and exploration. You can take a leisure stroll through town and take in the sights of artwork and old architecture. After all, it is the second oldest town in Florida. You can visit the Cedar Key Museum State Park if you're interested in learning more about the town, as well as the state's history. The entrance fee is $2 per person, while children five or younger are free.

If you're interested in kayaking, you're in luck. The little beach town has a variety of options at more than one location, enabling you to choose which sights you'll see. You can kayak at different wildlife preserves and refuges, like the Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge, and bird watch from the water. If you need to rent a kayak, check out Cedar Key Adventures. You can rent them for a duration that ranges from two to 24 hours. The kayak rental starts at $30 per hour. However, they also have stand-up paddle boards that cost $25 an hour.

If you're looking forward to kicking your shoes off, walking in the sand, and wading in the ocean, head to one of the following beaches: Cedar Key City Beach, G Street Beach, and Cemetary Point Park.

Getting around and grabbing food

You can walk, cycle, or drive to get around Cedar Keys, or rent a golf cart and travel around. Cedar Key Golf Cart and Bike Rentals, as the name suggests, offer rentals for bikes and golf carts, making transportation easy and convenient. They have two-passenger golf carts that start at $40 for four hours, four-passenger golf carts starting at $50 for four hours, and six-passenger golf carts kicking off at $70 for four hours. As for bikes, they start at $15 for eight hours.

The town is located right along the ocean, so fresh seafood is abundant. In other words, you'll find a variety of restaurants offering daily catches of everything from soft shell crabs to oysters and more. Stop by 83 West and choose from the Thai-style fried snapper, seafood pasta, and numerous other creative seafood and non-seafood dishes. The 1842 Daily Grind & Mercantile, which has five stars on TripAdvisor, is great for breakfasts and offers everything from avocado toast to delicious pastries. 

Whether you spend your time dining on the freshest seafood, relaxing in the sun, leisurely biking, strolling, or golf carting around time, you'll find yourself on a nice escape from the cold.