The Gorgeous, Underrated European Island Hollywood Stars Love Vacationing At

When we think of celebrities jet-setting around Europe, visions of specific regions immediately come to mind. For the south of France, it's Cannes, and during the film festival, it becomes a celeb's playground. Italy draws stars like George and Amal Clooney, who own property in Lake Como and visit the region frequently. Lake Como is also where Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck vacationed after they married in 2022. Others, like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, could be spotted at any moment at a nightclub in IbizaSpain. However, a quiet, under-the-radar island in Europe is where you'll most likely spot a celeb without all the camera flashes, paparazzi, and red carpets. It's a small Greek island called Antiparos. Don't let its name fool you; it's definitely not an anti-paradise!

Located just a boat ride from the main island of Paros, the most frequent celebs spotted here are Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, who own a 6-acre villa there. "I feel 110 percent Greek. I am more Greek than most Greeks," Hanks reportedly said, per Neoskosmos, and the couple have entertained some fellow VIPs there. These include former President Barack Obama, former FLOTUS Michelle Obama, Jeff Bezos, and even the Greek Prime Minister. Hanks even received his Greek citizenship! So why do the "Philadelphia" star and many other celebrities flock to Antiparos? Here's why choosing this gorgeous Greek destination might be the reset you're looking for.

Antiparos is a secluded haven great for the family

Other celebrities photographed enjoying island life in Antiparos include Canadian actor Nia Vardalos, star of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," and Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey, who visited with his family. Hollywood heavyweights Woody Harrelson and Madonna, power couple Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, and supermodel Claudia Schiffer have all been spotted. So why are they choosing Antiparos as opposed to the glittering nightlife of Mykonos, the gorgeous white city of Santorini, or even cosmopolitan Athens? 

Kathimerini spoke to a local business owner who told the outlet that Antiparos is perfect for those seeking a quieter, low-key vacation with increased privacy for frequently hounded celebs. "Even on the weekends, we are still relatively calm," he explained. "Usually there is a wedding or christening that brings people to the island but nothing more or massive." 

TikTok user @samandryan shared a video that agrees with that assertion. The short depicts Antiparos' tranquil beaches with white sand, turquoise waters, and barely anyone. We also see quiet, stone streets, beautiful sunsets from the mountains, and friendly cafés patronized by locals. With its less-hectic vibe, Niche Traveller calls it a perfect haven for families. GTP Headlines reports that there's a 15th-century castle, pretty blue-tiled tavernas, and vertical caves to keep everyone in the family occupied and entertained.

The island offers solitude and skin

Travel Youtuber Laura Bronner shared a travel vlog with her 45,000 followers about her stint in Antiparos. She gushed about how easy it is to reach the island, which is not only a 10-minute ferry from the main island of Paros but also only costs €1.50 ($1.66). She advises travelers to rent quad bikes while on the island because, although there is public transportation, it makes it easier to stick to your schedule and reach your destination efficiently. She is a big fan of visiting the Cave of Antiparos, where 45 million-year-old stalactites and stalagmites can be found. The cave is also where poet Lord Byron engraved his signature into the cave wall, so keep an eye out for that.

Of course, this wouldn't be Greece if there weren't copious amounts of sunbathing and swimming in the surf. Ayios Georgios beach on the island offers an unblemished view surrounded by coves and makes it perfect for those desperately seeking solitude. If you're a little more adventurous, there is Camping Beach next to a campground that is a naturist beach. You read that right — strip down to your birthday suit and enjoy nothing between you and the sun. We recommend lathering up on sunscreen, of course, and if you forgot yours, you can rent beach umbrellas right on the beach!