This Off-The-Beaten-Path Southwestern State Park Makes For A Thrilling Day Adventure

Cars are great, but dirt bikes, ATVs, and other vehicles are thrilling. When you ride them, you're moving quickly and might be keenly aware of your heart beating in your chest, the wind blowing against your skin, and the landscapes whirring by. Exciting. Finding a place to ride freely, however, isn't always straightforward. The Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area in Borrego Springs, California, solves this problem and gives riders 85,000 acres to ride around.

The area is in the desert, so you'll find warm-colored rock formations and sand upon arrival and throughout your stay. You'll have plenty to explore and see — you might want to stay longer than a single day. "The trails are well-marked, and the best part is there are destinations to ride to, not just riding in circles," a reviewer wrote on Tripadvisor. A thrilling adventure awaits you whether you're coming out alone or with friends.

Getting around Ocotillo Wells SVRA

For first-timers or those with questions, there's an information center with park rangers who can provide maps, answers, and suggestions and inform you of various outdoor activities available at Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area. Obtaining a map is advisable; that way, you can easily plan out which sites you want to see and which paths you want to take. recommends you visit the gas domes, waterholes in a muddy area; Blowsand Hill, which consists of a giant dune and is one of the park's most famous sites; the pumpkin patch, an area with fascinating sandstone formations; and more. Another great feature of the park is its admissions: it's completely free.

If you love the idea of the adventures the Ocotillo Wells State Vehicle Recreation Area offers but don't have an off-road vehicle, don't worry; you can rent one. Off-Road Ocotillo offers dirt bikes and ATVs, and its rates start at $175. Alternatively, Blu-In Off Road Rentals has Can-Am Maverick DS Turbo RRs that start at $499 and ATVs from $200.

Opportunities in and around the park

The Ocotillo Wells State Vehicle Recreation Area makes for an exciting family adventure. If you're concerned about your young one's safety, you can limit their off-road vehicle excursions to Soens Youth Track, an area zoned off exclusively for children aged 12 and younger and for vehicles with 70cc engines or less. Whether you're a child who needs supervision or an expert, you'll have plenty of space for a family-friendly outdoor adventure.

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California's largest state park, neighbors the Ocotillo Wells State Vehicle Recreation Area. While you can't ride your off-road vehicle inside, you can drive through it in a regular car or hike one of its many trails. If you'd rather spend all your time in the Ocotillo Wells State Vehicle Recreation Area, you can easily do so, and overnight at that. It serves as a campground open all day, all night, and all year round. Camping there is also free; just note that no hookups, dump sites, or water refill areas are available. You will, however, find public restrooms.