Space Enthusiasts Will Thrive On This Unique Road Trip On The East Coast

When you're looking to plan a getaway with plenty of sun and sand included for everyone in your traveling group to enjoy, it's hard to go wrong with Florida. This popular East Coast vacation destination has a way with warm weather and theme parks that make it an inviting place to return year after year. If you happen to be someone with a passion for the wonders of space who also loves to explore new places, Florida hosts a road trip route you won't want to miss.

Stretching from Titusville, Florida to Melbourne, Florida, FL-A1A showcases the state's inspiring Space Coast. This is a road trip route that captures the cosmos at its very best. According to Space Coast Florida, the Space Coast spans 72 miles total and is an ideal path for space enthusiasts who are looking to experience world-renowned space centers, incredible shorelines, and charming Florida beach towns along the way.

While a Space Coast road trip could easily be done in around two hours without stops, there are plenty of places you're going to want to spend ample time exploring. Destinations like Satellite Beach are well worth spending a few hours soaking up the sun on their very own. Similarly, beach towns like Indialantic on the Space Coast host Floridian architecture that speaks to old-world charm and beckons travelers to stop and admire the details of the past before pursuing the stars.

Space museums and discovery centers to explore

Before you even set out on your road trip, spending quality time exploring the American Space Museum and the Space Walk of Fame located right in Titusville is a must. This is the perfect place to begin focusing on cosmic revelations as you learn more about the rich history of the U.S. space program. This is also a destination where you can explore displays highlighting astronaut accomplishments through the decades, and get up close to a variety of meaningful monuments on-site paying tribute to those who took the necessary risks to push the field of space discovery forward.

After taking some time to admire the scenic view over the Indian River Lagoon in Titusville, it's time to set off for Merritt Island where the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is located. There are only around 14 miles to cover between Titusville and Merritt Island which makes for a fast trip and leaves plenty of time to explore this inspiring destination. It's not uncommon for visitors to spend an entire day here thanks to the sheer number of activities, attractions, and learning opportunities on-site. You can fill time exploring the Rocket Garden, having lunch with an astronaut, wandering through the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, exploring the moon's surface in detail, or being transported digitally to space in the Lunar Theater. There are comprehensive bus tours to take at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and thrilling simulations of shuttle launches to experience.

Beach fun and sensational stargazing

Less than 10 miles from the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, your Space Coast road trip will take you to scenic Cocoa Beach, Florida. This is a great place to spend some well-deserved time on the sand in good company. It's a local mecca for surfing enthusiasts looking to hit the waves in style after time exploring the space center too. While you're here, you'll want to take time to stroll along the Cocoa Beach Pier, explore the nature trails at Lori Wilson Park, and pick up fun souvenirs to commemorate your Space Coast road trip at the original Ron Jon Surf Shop.

While the daytime activities in Cocoa Beach are always exciting, when the sun goes down, you'll want to be sure to find yourself in Melbourne, Florida. Around 21 miles from Cocoa Beach, Melbourne is a popular stargazing destination known for its great beaches where light pollution is less likely to hinder your viewing experience. There are even options to hop onboard a boat from the Melbourne Harbor Marina and spend an evening spotting planets, galaxies, nebulae, and stars from the waves. Throughout the year here, the Brevard Astronomical Society hosts special events for space enthusiasts to enjoy. An option like their moonlight strolls through Erna Nixon Park is a great way to learn about the cosmos alongside experts and view celestial bodies through high-powered telescopes.