Escape Winter At This Tropical Paradise Island Known As The Wild West Of The Bahamas

Every year, many tourists seek tropical island destinations to escape the chilly and gloomy winter weather. If you want to do the same without running into crowds of people with a similar idea, plan a trip to Mayaguana Island in the Bahamas. Far removed from the bustling tourist hubs, Mayaguana is the outermost island east of the archipelago. Out of all the islands in the Bahamas, Mayaguana has been subject to the least commercial development. It is also one of the few islands in the archipelago to have kept its original Lucayan name.

With around just 300 residents, this hidden gem island is often considered the "Wild West" of the Bahamas. It features an untouched landscape and quaint community, and you'll find that Mayaguana holds an authentic charm. Whether you seek relaxation on secluded shores, adventurous exploration of unaltered terrain, or a look into Bahamian culture, Mayaguana promises it all along with warm, sunny days through the heart of winter.

Things to do on Mayaguana Island

Mayaguana Island's pristine beaches, such as Pirate's Well and Betsy Bay, are prime locations for relaxation and sun-soaked lounging. Visitors will be shocked that these jaw-dropping beaches are a local's secret. You'll get the experience of a top tourist destination, with the peace and tranquility of untouched land. Snorkeling, diving, and fishing enthusiasts will be thrilled by the coral reefs and diverse marine life that thrive in the crystal-clear waters surrounding the island.

Birdwatchers will also be delighted by the island's bird population. During your stay on Mayaguana Island, you may spot flamingos, brown boobies, and frigatebirds. The island is home to three quaint, welcoming villages: Abraham's Bay, Pirate's Well, and Betsy's Bay. By immersing yourself in these communities, you'll get a glimpse into local Bahamian life, experience friendly encounters, and indulge in authentic Bahamian cuisine. There are a variety of activities on Mayaguana Island to keep you busy, but the best part of a trip to this tranquil oasis is that you don't need to be constantly engaged. Instead, you can rest in the radiant Bahamian sunshine and soak up your warm-weather winter getaway.

Where to stay on Mayaguana Island and how to get there

Because there is a lack of commercial development on Mayaguana Island, you'll find it easy to decide where to stay. One of the only hotels available in the area is Bayacaner Beach Resort. Located in the heart of Pirate's Well, the resort is on Mayaguana's breathtaking turquoise shores. Bayacaner Beach Resort offers two package options: an all-inclusive experience with three meals each day. For an additional cost, you can acquire bicycles, canoes, cars, snorkeling gear, scuba diving equipment, and an island tour through the resort.  

Mayaguana is primarily accessible by plane, with Mayaguana Airport being the island's only airport. You can catch a commercial flight from Nassau, with Bahamasair Airlines carrying frequent flights to Mayaguana. If you'd prefer to arrive by sea, a ferry leaves from Nassau's Potter's Clay Dock. However, you will have to have a lot of patience if you choose the latter option, as the ferry is estimated to take 35 hours. Once you arrive, with whichever mode of transportation, the warm sea breeze will relieve you from the stress of the cold and busy winter, making you feel at home in this secluded paradise.