Visit This Underrated Caribbean Island For A Fun Warm-Weather Winter Getaway

If you're looking to escape the cold and find somewhere for a winter vacation that's hot and sunny, has beautiful beaches, and lacks crowds, you might feel like you're up for an impossible task. Luckily, we're here to make that search easier. Saba, the Dutch island in the Caribbean that's only five square miles could be your answer. If you're looking for a relaxing, nature-filled, and quiet trip, this tiny island is for you. If you're hoping to go somewhere with plenty of entertainment or a thriving nightlife, then you'll want to keep searching. Saba is ideal for those looking to keep their vacation simple.

The island has a population of about 2,000 and is known for its outdoor activities. It's home to beautiful forests, beaches, and wildlife, and makes for a great place to hike, meditate, and simply unwind. So if you're hoping to trade your winter boots for sandals this winter, then look into booking a trip to this charming Caribbean island.

Things to do outside

Saba might not be thrilling, but it certainly is intriguing if you're a nature enthusiast looking for sunlight in the midst of winter. While small, the island is packed with biodiversity. There are almost 60 species of birds alone on the island, meaning birdwatchers are in for a treat. You can witness the birds and other forms of wildlife on a hike. Venture to the highest spot on the island on a trail that leads you to the top of the 3,000 feet tall Mount Scenery.

If water sports are more your style, you can scuba dive and snorkel. Saba Marine Park is home to approximately 150 different species of fish, meaning you're in for a world of color and life when you submerge into the waves. Sea Saba offers diving courses for people of all experience levels. They are Professional Association of Diving Instructors approved, so you can trust in the expertise of your instructors.

Where to eat, where to sleep

When you visit Saba, it's important to note that your options are limited when it comes to things outside of nature-centered activities. "There are people who come here and after three to four days are completely bored," artist Anna Keene told the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). "And then other people feel like they have discovered paradise." If you enjoy a slower pace of life and quiet time in nature, then you should be able to have a delightful time on the island.

While the island is small, it has a thriving food scene and you'll find restaurants serving delectable dishes. Travel blogger The Insatiable Traveler recommends Tipsy Goat Bar for drinks and Brigadoon for food. As for places to lay your head at night, the Queen's Hotel, Bar, and Kitchen has a five-star rating on TripAdvisor. They have customizable packages that allow you to stay and add on some adventures like scuba diving. If you want a place that has a unique and antique feel, then Caribbean Journal's recommendation, Selera Dunia, could be the boutique hotel for you. Wherever you decide to stay, don't hesitate to book your vacation to this warm-weather winter destination.