This Historic Town In Europe Is Beyond Perfect For A Family-Friendly, Seaside Vacation

There are some beautiful places in the world, and if you're like us, you want to visit them all. When you're single, traveling as a couple, or on an adults-only trip, the world is your travel oyster. However, if you have kids along for the vacation, you have to make sure there is something for them to do. Not every museum or old building is going to thrill an 11-year-old. They get bored and look for something to do, which doesn't always end well. Having recently traveled to Europe with kids, we want to stress what a relief it is when there are activities for everyone.

There is a lovely place with a history of relaxation in Europe where you can take the entire family. There is lots to do, including beaches to visit, playgrounds, and some beautiful places for a group hike. This perfect destination is Domburg in the Netherlands. You can walk through a nature reserve, learn to surf, and visit local bakeries for some sweet treats. Here's what you need to know about traveling in Domburg and what sorts of family-friendly things there are to do here.

A bit about lovely Domburg, Netherlands

Domburg is in the Zeeland province of the Netherlands, and tourists have been coming here for vacation for a long time. A resort spot first appeared in the early 19th century, called Badpaviljoen (which means "beach pavilion"). It's also home to Domsburgsche Golfclub, one of the oldest golf spots in the Netherlands. There are even places on that golf course that were hit by WWII bombs. The climate, the clean air, and the beaches gave this place the "health resort" label from the German Spa Association in 2013, which is only the second place to receive the designation in the country after Cadzand.

Domburg is known for its beaches, and most of them have strandpavilions, which are beach bars that often have kid-friendly snacks like fries and pizza. One of them, De Stenen Toko, has wheelchair access to the beach, and most of them allow you to rent things like chairs and umbrellas. If you have a chance, check out Het Badpaviljoen, which is a beach restaurant with great views. It actually sits right on the spot where the very first Domburg beach pavilion was built in 1837. Many of the beaches in Domburg have been given the Blue Flag award for cleanliness, accessibility, and for being environmentally friendly, which makes them great spots for your kids. Plus, some of them have playgrounds.

Kid-friendly activities for the whole family

So what can you do with the kids in Domburg? Kiting is a big activity here, and kites and kids are a perfect combo. If fishing is your little buddy's favorite thing, you're in luck. You can do that at Domburg beaches all year long. There are even some beaches that let you ride horses during specific hours.

You may not associate the Netherlands with surfing, but it's very popular here. In fact, the family can take lessons at Noordduine beach at their Surfschool Domburg. (You can also take paddle boarding lessons there.) If your children are into walking and hiking, there is a beautiful nature preserve called Manteling van Walcheren to wander through.

Maybe your kids are more into vigorous activities, and if so, the Delta Park Neeltje Jans is a theme park nearby with an aquarium and water rides. You can even visit seals and sea lions and watch them get fed. Afterward, you can visit Domburg's pretty town center to check out its restaurants and bakeries. Don't miss the Iguana Reptile Zoo that is less than half an hour away, with crocodiles and alligators, turtles, snakes, and frogs. If you visit during the summer, you can check out Mill De Jones Johannes, which has snacks like pancakes and waffles, a bouncy castle, a sliding volcano, a trampoline for an extra fee, and competitive cable cars.