Disney Travel Agent Exposes How Celebrities Are Kept From Crowds At Theme Parks

When it comes to theme parks, Disney dominates. According to the 2022 TEA/AECOM Theme Index Report, seven of the top 10 most-visited parks in the world are operated by Disney, from Florida's Magic Kingdom (which nabbed the top spot, boasting over 17 million annual guests) to Tokyo's DisneySea. With so many visitors, it's no surprise that celebrities make up at least some of the Disney fans taking selfies with Minnie Mouse and hopping on the movie-themed rides. But if you're wondering why you've never had a run-in with a star in one of the parks, know that it's not a lack of luck — famous people are carefully kept away from the crowds when visiting the attractions.

This is done by booking celebrities on VIP tours, as travel agent and owner of MickeyTravels Greg Antonelle revealed to Insider. The perk is offered to guests through Disney itself, costing between $450 to $900 per hour with a minimum requirement of seven hours per visit. Notably, the special service doesn't include park tickets — so if you, too, want the celebrity treatment, expect to pay a small fortune for it.

Celebrities get special perks at Disney parks

Disney's VIP service includes a private chauffeur from one of its accommodations to the theme park, where the VIP will then be led by their own tour guide. For extra support, Greg Antonelle noted that celebrities who book through his company are often accompanied by the booking agent. "[The agents] almost act as their assistant for the week," Antonelle told Insider. During this time, they might be responsible for checking into the hotel for the celebrity, organizing last-minute dinner reservations, and other tasks. Antonelle also added that famous guests are granted access to areas that are off-limits to regular guests, which helps explain why you might not see your favorite actor until they post their Disney pics to social media later.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to being a VIP at Disney is getting to take the Lightning Lane when hopping on the rides. Yep, celebrities who pay for a VIP tour get to skip the line for Splash Mountain, Mad Tea Party, and other beloved rides. In some cases, park staff may even allow famous people to have the ride all to themselves, while those in line watch and wait. This is what allegedly happened when the Kardashians visited Disneyland in a viral clip posted to TikTok in 2022.

Still, not all celebrities choose to take this route. As Antonelle shared, some don sunglasses and hats to remain under the radar — meaning you could be brushing shoulders without ever even noticing.