Open Up Room In Your Cramped RV With A Smart Seating Hack

While RVs are great for getting around, they're not so good when it comes to storage. This is why the Must Love Camping blog recommends building storage into your seating. Rectangular or cube-shaped ottomans make great storage boxes that you can easily make yourself from wood or buy from a store. They can double up as steps if your bed is raised off the ground, but make sure they are secure enough to stand on if you're going to do this.

An ottoman is also a good place to put away any dirty laundry or boots so that they don't make a mess in your RV. If your seating is lined with fabric inside, you can still do this if you bring wet bags to place your soiled items inside before storing them. For those who have a smaller RV or a bigger one but a lot of stuff, it is important to pack effectively to maximize your space.

How to pack your RV

When packing your RV, it's important to have a few things on hand that will make your life easier while on the road. Some essentials to take with you on every trip are duct tape, magnetic strips, tension rods, bungee cords, suction hooks and plastic containers. Duct tape can be used for a multitude of purposes including sticking things down or repairing torn material and bungee cords can be used to secure things in the back of your RV.

Tension rods can help stop things from falling as well as create an internal "roof rack" that can store extra stuff. Magnetic strips can keep metal things secure and suction hooks are ideal for hanging up towels, dog leads, or coats. Plastic containers are incredibly useful because you can stack them up inside your ottomans and cupboards. Once you've packed your RV with all these multi-purpose items, you can turn them into storage while on the road.

More great RV storage hacks

To make the most of the storage in your RV, make sure to use all of the height available inside your cupboards. Invest in some tall containers so that you can fill them with food, toys, or tools and fit a tension rod across the front to prevent them from falling or moving about. As well as having seat storage, utilize space under your bed by building drawers or putting packing cube bags underneath it.

Any clothes and blankets can be stored in vacuum seal bags so that they can be fitted into smaller spaces. Another great hack is to put a magazine rack on the back of your RV door so that you can put things like cutting boards or books on there and use a bungee cord to secure it while you're traveling. If you utilize these epic storage hacks then you'll be able to take everything you need with you on vacation, including some extra space for souvenirs!