Pegboards Are The Secret To Cleverly Customizing Your RV's Storage

While RVs provide the ultimate freedom to travel, the one thing that they don't have is much room and that's why a pegboard can revolutionize your compact space. The secret to a successful RV trip is also being organized as it means that you are less likely to forget something. According to the Outdoor-ish blog, about a couple who travel full-time in their RV, the best way to add storage is by using a pegboard. This story utilizes tips from the aforementioned blog as well as the author's own recommendations based on experience. Read on for more helpful ideas.

The beauty of a pegboard is that they come in all shapes and sizes, as well as being cheaply available at many DIY or homeware stores. If you have an awkward space you can always cut your board so that it fits in perfectly. For those who enjoy showing off their RV on social media, you can paint or customize your board to complement the color scheme and aesthetic. Once your board is up and running you'll be impressed by what a difference it makes.

How to use a pegboard in your RV

After you've erected your pegboard, you need to decide what purpose it will serve in your space as it can essentially function as a 'room' in your RV. Whether it will be part of your kitchen, a DIY space or somewhere for children to play, you can furnish it to suit that. Use hooks, cup holders, bags or other accessories that will securely hold your stuff. This is important as you don't want anything to fall while in transit!

The Outdoor-ish bloggers put tools and craft items on theirs so it doubles as a DIY and a recreation space at the same time. If you have kids, you can attach paper to it so that it can function as an easel and they can create artwork to decorate your RV. It is also a good place to keep emergency items like a first aid kit to stay safe during your road trip adventure. A pegboard is not the only way that you can add clever storage to your RV space either.

Other genius RV storage hacks

A surprising place that you can utilize for extra storage in an RV is the ceiling. You can create an internal 'roof rack' simply using things that you have lying around. If you cut a string bag down each side, it folds out to create a 'hammock' which you can hang from the top of your vehicle. Inside you can put extra blankets, soft toys or coats to keep them out of the way until you need them.

Another way to create a ceiling rack is by stringing several bungee cords across the ceiling, keeping them taut so that they can securely hold things up. This makeshift space is a great area for keeping stuff like frisbees, pet leads, umbrellas, sunshades and any other flat items that won't neatly fit anywhere else. Small suction hooks are also useful for hanging things like coats or towels so they can dry when its wet outside and you can simply remove them when they aren't required. Now that your RV is perfectly organized, all you need to do is choose your destination and drive.