Think Twice Before Swimming At This Popular Caribbean Beach

A trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico, sounds like a dream, doesn't it? There is so much history to explore in the area. The weather can be beautiful, and there is so much to do. A walk in the trendy Condado neighborhood — often compared to Manhattan's Fifth Avenue — might net you some great shopping finds. You might even run into some celebrities staying at the nearby La Concha Resort or Condado Vanderbilt. There is sun and sand and surf...however, at one local beach that is very popular with tourists, you might want to eschew the "surf" part of things. The water is lovely and will make for some great Instagram shots or TikTok videos, but it can be very dangerous.

Condado Beach has some serious rip currents that can make things dangerous for swimmers. In fact, there have been multiple rescues and even deaths at this beach. Here's what you need to know about Condado Beach in Puerto Rico, with a suggestion for an alternative beach nearby that is much better for swimmers and even snorkelers.

What to know before you go to Condado Beach

Condado Beach looks like the perfect place to swim. However, if you decide to visit, confine your activities to sipping cool drinks, sunning yourself, long walks with a loved one, or building the very best sand castle. The swimming is simply dangerous. In fact, in 2022, the Bureau for Emergency Management and Disaster Administration (NMEAD) began issuing warnings about rip currents after the rescue of several people and the death of a 12-year-old child. If you want to swim, you can visit nearby Playita de Condado which has much calmer waters.

The reason for the danger is the strong rip currents in the area. These currents can pull you away from the shore before you even realize it. In fact, rip currents cause around 80 percent of beach rescues. If you see a sign that says not to swim, just don't. It's not worth your life. Condado Beach will have flags to check and if they're red, you shouldn't be in the water. That said, you probably shouldn't be anyway.

If you do end up caught in a rip current, here or anywhere else, there are a few things you can do. First, stay calm. Nothing tires you out faster than panic. Next, don't try to swim to shore, even though it seems like you should. You'll exhaust yourself. Instead, float. The current won't pull you under, but rather, out further where you can be rescued. Swim parallel to shore and call for help. Stay safe out there!