Why It's So Difficult To Go To The Bathroom On News Year's Eve In Times Square

Since the first ball drop in 1907, Times Square has become the go-to spot for New Year's Eve festivities. It's now one of the most iconic celebrations in the world. The ball drop, the confetti, the fireworks, and the throngs of partiers make it a night of excitement and anticipation. But there's one problem that many people don't talk about: the bathroom situation.

The magnitude of the New Year's Eve crowd in Times Square is staggering. An estimated 1 million revelers will pack into the iconic location, creating an environment that challenges even the most seasoned urban navigators, with demand far surpassing the available facilities. To enjoy New Year's Eve celebrations at Times Square, people have to be creative when nature calls. This shared experience definitely highlights some unexpected logistical issues that attendees encounter while trying to make the most of their night. Fortunately, there are some solutions you can consider in a pinch.

Restroom challenges in Times Square on New Year's Eve

Along with the massive crowds that gather in Times Square, the area is also heavily barricaded and has numerous security checkpoints, which can make it challenging for people to access nearby facilities. According to the official Times Square website, no portable toilets are available during the New Year's Eve festivities. Bars and eateries that remain open may only allow paying customers to use their bathrooms, but many are fully booked well in advance. It's also important to know that if you leave the viewing area to eat at a restaurant, you won't be able to go back to your spot.

To avoid missing the ball drop, some attendees wear adult diapers as a practical solution. This may seem extreme, but it works for those who want the best view. Some people may resort to unsanitary alternatives like using bottlesor ducking into alleyways, which can be a health and safety risk for themselves and others. Not to mention the risk of a hefty fine!

Finding a bathroom in Times Square on New Year's Eve

If you're planning on attending the big event, make sure to use the bathroom just before you enter the corraled area. You may also want to consider wearing an adult diaper to avoid any inconvenience. It is equally important to find a balance between staying hydrated and drinking too much water, which may lead to frequent bathroom breaks. 

If you are celebrating New Year's with kids, you might head to an open restaurant or business and try a tactic suggested by a TripAdvisor Contributor who wrote, "If you have smaller children, let them ask the owner 'where the potty is.' They will almost always let you use it."

Another option is to look for a spot that offers a good view of the event and has a restroom nearby. For example, a former attendee of the world-famous ball drop told the New York Post that, in the future, she would book a hotel room with a view and easy access to a restroom, rather than struggle to hold it in the crowd.