The Unique, Eco-Friendly Camping Style That's On The Rise For 2024

Camping usually involves packing your vehicle with all the necessities, from a tent to some sleeping bags or hitching up an RV. This usually means road-tripping, if not off-roading, in a vehicle capable of traversing the wilderness. However, campers are now looking to become more eco-friendly with their transportation. Though many campsites are within reach of phone signals, camping is still an opportunity for people to spend time away from technology. This is expanding to include time away from cars. 

Campground booking website Pitchup has revealed that more people are searching for campsites accessible by public transportation. As most people know, public transit helps reduce carbon emissions from vehicles. Given that camping involves close interactions with nature, preserving untouched habitats and leaving behind as little of a trace as possible are wise goals to have. Extending this mindset to even invisible traces like vehicle pollution is even better. Luckily, there are multiple camping areas for those who want to leave their vehicles at home.

Find campsites near public transportation in the U.S. and Europe

Dash Point State Park in Washington (pictured above) is located at the southern point of Washington's Puget Sound inlet. This park has a beach, hiking trails, and picnic areas. Aside from being a wonderful destination for a simple day trip, in the middle of the park is a campground complete with cabins, restrooms, and potable water. While it is closer to Tacoma, buses connect the park to both Seattle and Tacoma.

Some quiet riverside camping can be found at Indian Point Campground near Duluth, Minnesota. Campsites here are nestled among the tall trees of Spirt Bay but still have Wi-Fi, restrooms, showers, and firewood for purchase. There are even kayaks and canoes for rent. Buses from Duluth make stops close to the campsite. 

Camping with or without using a personal vehicle is definitely not limited to the United States. Camping-Ferien Wang near Interlaken in Switzerland is high up in the mountains but still close to a bus stop and a nearby village. What better way to see the Alps than by pitching a tent among the mountain's valleys?