13 Cheap Warm-Weather Destinations For February, According To Research

Want to escape the cold this February? Perhaps the winter blues have hit hard, or maybe you just miss the feeling of sunshine on your skin. Unfortunately, you might not have the biggest budget after all that holiday spending. Luckily, you don't need to break the bank to bask in warm weather this winter.

We've scoured the globe for cheap warm-weather destinations, and through online research and price comparisons, we've found some solid winners. From Mexico to Argentina, these locations are bursting with culture, adventure, and gorgeous scenery — not to mention incredible weather. To top it off, they're also easy on the wallet. We'll detail our process for handpicking these destinations at the end of this article.

Since we've done all the research, you can sit back, browse the selection, and daydream greener and warmer pastures. Once you're ready, plan that February vacation to these affordable hotspots that will make your winter blues melt away. Remember to pack sunscreen and cool clothing because you're about to get your fill of fun in the sun, along with some healthy vitamin D.  


The Caribbean is known for warm weather year-round, and Aruba is no exception. This island nation sits just north of Venezuela, and on a clear day, you can spot South America in the distance. These chances are high in February, seeing how most days are sunny and average temperatures are a balmy 77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If you want to soak up some rays, this is the place to do it. Lounge on the pristine beaches or take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters. Feel free to kick off those shoes and walk barefoot because the soft white sand stays cool and won't burn your feet. If you're curious about what's happening beneath those waters, grab that snorkeling gear to witness colorful marine life. And if that's not enough, join a semi-submarine cruise for $60 to spot a WWII shipwreck on the seafloor.

On land, many free or low-cost activities will keep you occupied. History buffs can visit the Aruba Aloe Factory and Museum, where you can learn about the island's rich history of aloe cultivation. Animal lovers won't want to miss the Donkey Sanctuary Aruba, where you can interact with these friendly creatures for free. And for just $19, you can surround yourself with gorgeous insects at The Butterfly Farm. In winter, you can snag airline tickets as low as $200 to $500 from major U.S. cities. Plus, Aruba has a variety of hotels with rates between $60 and $250 a night.


Belize is a land of natural wonders, from the world-famous Great Blue Hole to vast jungles. There are many beautiful beaches, parks, and nature reserves, and you can spend your days hiking or birdwatching without spending a dime. If you don't mind shelling out a little cash, join a tour that explores the Mayan ruins of Altun Ha, followed by cave tubing. With some research, you can find affordable local restaurants and street food stalls offering delicious Belizean cuisine at reasonable prices ($5 to $15).

Although it's February, it won't feel like it in Belize. Thanks to its tropical climate, you can expect warm temperatures between 72 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit and plenty of sunshine. Roundtrip flights from the U.S. to Belize can range from $300 to $600, depending on the departure city and airline. Hotels in Belize can also be affordable, with nightly rates starting at $50 for budget accommodations.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Do you prefer urban vibes over beachside destinations? Head south of the Equator to Buenos Aires, where summer is in full swing. This city has an incredible arts and entertainment scene, with tango shows, live music, and markets filling the streets. And if you're looking for foodie experiences, you're in luck. You can dine on world-class wine and steak starting at $10 at a local parrilla.

Buenos Aires may be the furthest destination on this list. However, roundtrip flights from major U.S. cities are around $850 in February. Mid-range accommodations in central locations can cost $50 per night, and hostels are even cheaper. To top it off, everyday expenses will be much lower. Think $1.50 for a cappuccino and less than $5 for a taxi ride around town. 

Since it is the summer season, temperatures range from 67 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit. When you factor in humidity, the real-time feel is even warmer. So, bust out that summer wardrobe, brush up on your Spanish, and enjoy everything this vibrant city offers.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is a celebrity vacation hotspot you can actually afford. It offers a perfect escape from the cold winter weather, with daytime temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. As a gorgeous coastal destination, Cabo offers naturally low-cost activities. You can spend your days sunbathing, swimming, or exploring nearby towns. 

February is also smack dab in the middle of whale-watching season in Cabo. You might be able to spot them from the shores of Santa Maria Beach, and if you bring your snorkeling gear, you'll see loads of other wildlife beneath the surface. However, if you want to up your chances of spotting whales, hop aboard a boat to see these wild creatures. And if you need a break from all the water activities, the San José del Cabo Art Walk is a free weekly event, or you can stroll through the nearby town of Todos Santos, a historical center full of art galleries.

If you're coming from Californian cities, you can find roundtrip flights as low as $250. But when flying from places further north, like Chicago, prices start around $450. Accommodations in Cabo San Lucas can also be affordable, with nightly rates starting at around $50 for budget accommodations. Mid-range hotels offer more amenities and comfort, usually from $100 to $200 per night.

Cancún, Mexico

Cancún is on the Yucatan Peninsula, surrounded by some of Mexico's best beaches where you can snorkel, scuba, or sail off into the sunset. To test out different waters, try swimming in one of the many cenotes or underground caverns with some of the most tranquil waters you'll ever find. Sand and swimming aside, this destination is also a beautiful blend of old and new. To step into the past, explore the Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá, and for more modern activities, take advantage of Cancún's vibrant nightlife and shopping scene. Whatever you choose, dress for warm weather because temperatures typically range from 68 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. 

In February, roundtrip flights from major U.S. cities are about $350, and accommodations in the Hotel Zone range from $60 to over $600 a night. Mind you, the Hotel Zone is a popular tourist destination with luxury resorts, all-inclusive options, and beachfront locations, which can drive up the prices. Downtown Cancún offers more budget-friendly options, including hostels, small hotels, and guesthouses. However, staying downtown means being farther away from the beaches and the main tourist attractions. It ultimately depends on your budget and preferences.

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is known for its rich history and beautiful architecture, and the good news is that many of the city's attractions are free to visit. After all, it's the sort of place to wander around aimlessly for hours and never get bored. Stroll through the colorful streets of the Old City, marvel at the colonial architecture, and take in the views from the city's ancient walls. Don't forget to bring that camera because Cartagena is a photographer's dream. Plus, you can rely on warm weather here, with temperatures between 76 to 87 degrees Fahrenheit and zero rainy days expected.

Roundtrip flights from major U.S. cities to Cartagena can range from $300 to $500. Accommodations in Cartagena can also be very affordable, with nightly rates starting at around $30 for budget accommodations. Mid-range hotels offer more amenities and comfort, usually from $50 to $100 per night. If you're curious to try local cuisine, you can find a decent meal for $5. So bring your appetite because, with Cartagena's coastline, you'll want to try plenty of seafood dishes like ceviche, seafood stew, or fried fish.

Costa Rica

Pura Vida is the national slogan of Costa Rica and encompasses this country perfectly. The direct translation is "pure life," generally referring to Costa Ricans' laid-back, cheerful nature and lifestyle. Obviously, they're doing something right here, and if you visit Costa Rica in February, you can experience a little slice of pura vida yourself.

With daytime temperatures between 76 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit, this destination is more hot than it is warm — but we're not complaining. Plus, February is the middle of the dry season, making exploring the lush rainforests, beautiful beaches, and waterfalls easy. Adventure seekers can enjoy zip-lining, surfing, hiking, and wildlife tours. If culinary adventures are more your style, visit a coffee or chocolate farm or take a cooking class. Prices for these activities can vary depending on the provider, but you can expect to pay around $50 to $100 per activity. 

Airfare to Costa Rica can vary depending on your departure location, but roundtrip tickets are around $300 to $600 on average. A bed in a shared hostel costs roughly $20, while a high-end hotel will put you back $200. Typical meals like arroz con pollo or casado cost $5 to $10. With these prices, you don't need a big budget to experience la pura vida — just a little planning and a sense of adventure.


Cuba has an old-world charm that captivates all your senses. The cobblestone streets with colorful colonial architecture and vintage cars feel frozen in time. Cities are buzzing with life, energy, and noise, from traffic to the rhythmic beats of salsa and reggaeton. But amidst all the noise is the friendly, hospitable nature of locals who are happy to share their culture without expecting anything in return.

The streets of Old Havana are a sight in themselves, and the country has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. You can also explore historic fortresses, delve into Cuba's history at The Museum of the Revolution, take a cigar factory tour, or test those tastebuds and tolerance at a local rum distillery. For music lovers, there are plenty of opportunities to see live music performances in clubs and on the streets. Luckily, February is an ideal time to experience all these activities because the weather is warm and sunny, with temperatures averaging 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although you might occasionally be charged tourist prices, they still won't break the bank, and overall, the country is safe for travelers. Roundtrip flights from U.S. cities to Cuba can range from $300 to $600. A great budget option for accommodations is casas particulares, private rooms in a family's home that run $20 to $80 a night. This is an authentic experience, and you're supporting locals who can provide tips on touring their country.


Are you looking for world-renowned cuisine, stunning natural beauty, and a vibrant music scene? Look no further than Jamaica. This country is incredibly picturesque, from its tall green mountains to turquoise seas. It also has some of the best Caribbean food, including jerk chicken, ackee and saltfish, and oxtail stew. 

Where you choose to stay will dictate what you can do here, but with temperatures ranging from 73 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit, you're guaranteed to enjoy outdoor experiences. The north coast boasts incredible beaches with excellent opportunities for water sports, while Treasure Beach has those laid-back vibes Jamaica is famous for. Meanwhile, the capital city of Kingston is the heart of Jamaica's music scene, and Charles Town is the perfect place to learn about Maroon culture.

In February, roundtrip flights from major U.S. cities to Kingston cost $350 to $700. This tropical paradise is no stranger to tourism, and you can find a variety of accommodation options. All-inclusive resorts cost upwards of $200, but if you crave more authentic vibes (and lower prices), stay at a local guesthouse or villa.

Lima, Peru

Bring your appetite because Lima is a foodie's paradise. It's known as the culinary capital of South America, and its reputation for world-class food lives up to the hype. However, you don't need to fork out cash at high-end establishments to enjoy Peruvian cuisine. Street food stalls and local markets offer tasty traditional dishes like ceviche, anticuchos (grilled skewers), and lomo saltado (stir-fried beef) for as little as a few dollars per meal.

To work up that appetite, you can explore the city on a budget. History buffs won't want to miss the Larco Museum, one of Lima's top museums, costing roughly $10 per person. Entrance to the Huaca Pucllana, an archaeological site and a pre-Incan pyramid located in the heart of Lima, costs around $4 per person. And since February is in the middle of Lima's summer season, expect sunny weather and temperatures between 69 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which are ideal for outdoor activities. Swim with sea lions, surf, or take a free walking tour and spot awesome graffiti art.

Roundtrip flights to Lima in February can range from $400 to $800, depending on where you're departing from and how early you book. As for accommodation, you can snag a bed at the top-rated Selina hostel for $12 or opt for a 4-star hotel for $45 to $180.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the perfect combination of sun, sea, and culture. And with temperatures averaging 80 degrees Fahrenheit, you can take advantage of it all. Wander the colorful streets of Old San Juan, walk through El Morro fortress, or go hiking in El Yunque National Forest. You can also visit the beautiful beaches of Isla Verde, Condado, or Luquillo, where you can relax, swim, or sunbathe without spending a penny — unless you want a few piña coladas.

Activities like zip-lining, horseback riding, or snorkeling will set you back $50 to $100 per person. Within this price range, there are also plenty of rum-tasting tours where you can learn the history of this island's spirit. Many tours and activities offer discounts for booking in advance or group packages, so make sure to do some research before boarding that plane. 

Roundtrip airfare runs from $200 to $400. You can find mid-range hotels for around $100 to $300 per night. However, if you're looking for budget-friendly options, you can also find hostels or guesthouses for $50 per night.

Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

Jungles, beaches, and boardwalks, oh my. Puerto Vallarta has it all and is the ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts, especially if they want to escape the winter cold. This Pacific Coast gem is pleasantly warm in February, with an average high of 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Strolling along the Malecón, you'll find restaurants, nightclubs, and local boutiques. Head here at sunset for the most epic view and linger in the plaza in hopes of catching a street performance or celebration. 

For an adrenaline rush, swim with dolphins or ride ATVs deep into the jungle, where you'll zipline high above the treetops. Tours cost between $50 to $200, but you can always intersperse a lazy beach day to balance expenses. Airfare commands between $200 and $700, and you can find decent accommodations from $30 to $150 a night. 

Whether you're looking for nightlife or nature, you'll find it here, and you won't need a giant budget to enjoy it. But make sure to go through a reputable booking company. If you're buying a vacation package and something smells fishy, it's likely not just the sea. Trust your instincts and do some research in advance.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is famous for its sunshine, sand, and all-inclusive resorts. Located on the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic, this city is warm year-round. In February, you can expect temperatures to reach the mid-80s Fahrenheit. Although you may experience a little rain, this is one of the driest months of the year. And after a short shower, the sun will reemerge — so keep your eyes peeled for that rainbow.

Like many Caribbean destinations, Punta Cana is not short of water activities. You can snorkel, scuba, parasail, or sail on a catamaran here. If you prefer staying on solid ground, explore a nature reserve or go horseback riding. To maximize your time and money, join a tour that has you driving ATVs through the jungle, visiting a cenote, and tasting local coffee, chocolate, and rum — all for $65. If you're more of a night owl, bring those dancing shoes because the Dominican Republic is buzzing with bachata. But if you prefer to party while watching a wildly entertaining show, get tickets to Coco Bongo ($70 to $185, including drinks).

On average, a round-trip airfare to Punta Cana can cost anywhere from $400 to $800. As for accommodation, the price per night can range from $50 for a budget-friendly hotel to over $500 for an all-inclusive luxurious resort.


Are you wondering how we came up with this list? First off, we realize affordability and warmth are subjective terms. To simplify things, we defined "affordable" flight options below $1,000 and nightly accommodation under $100. Meanwhile, warm weather ranges from 70 to mid to late 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day so that you can enjoy all those outdoor activities. 

To find these figures, we used popular search engines like Google Flights, Kayak, Booking, Numbeo, and the National Centers for Environmental Information. We also looked into activities in each location, ensuring you could have tons of fun without breaking the bank. After lots of research and price comparisons, these 13 cheap warm-weather destinations topped our list.