The Surprising Spot You Should Be Hiding Valuables While Camping In A Busy Location

When you're camping in a busy place, it can bring peace of mind to have some of your valuables stashed away in a secret location. Even though you might carry your money or credit cards with you, it can still help to have an extra stash in your tent for emergencies. An easy, unexpected, and cheap way to hide important items is inside a bar of soap, which is an old Boy Scout trick to keep things safe while camping.

The best type of soap to use is a rectangular block that is quite thick, as this means there is more space inside. It should also be wrapped, as this makes it easier to disguise the contents. If you do have concerns about your belongings while camping, make sure to choose a campsite in a busier spot. This might seem counterintuitive, but more foot traffic can discourage thieves. You should also make friends with your neighbors who can keep an eye on your tent while you're not there.

How to use soap to hide things

According to Instructables, there are two methods for hiding things in soap. The first one is to open the packet using a wet finger, then wrap your money around the soap, put it back inside the packaging, and reseal the package with glue. The second method is to use a knife to cut the bar in half, hollow out the middle, and place things inside. When you put it back together, you can use a little water or glue to seal the soap bar before wrapping it up again.

Once you've done this, you can tuck your soap away. It is unlikely anyone will try and steal a bar of soap, but make sure not to put it in a backpack or handbag because those are the things that are most likely to be swiped by someone looking for valuable items. If you want to avoid getting your money soapy, there are other ways to keep your things secure while staying at a campground.

Other ways to keep things safe while camping

If you want to feel extra safe while camping, then you can invest in some gadgets that will help you. String up a motion sensor light that will go off when anyone enters your campsite, as this with put people off poking around your tent when it's dark. For extra security, you can purchase a battery-operated camera that you can keep trained on your tent entrance to capture anyone coming or going.

Some of these security cameras can be synced with an app so you will get an alert on your phone when it is triggered by movement. This is especially useful if you are eating or drinking nearby, as it will enable you to come back and check on your stuff if necessary. If you do have any expensive equipment with you, like a camera or computer, make sure not to show it around the campground because it may make your tent a more likely target. By following all of these safety tips and keeping a bar of soap on hand, you are sure to enjoy your camping trip like never before!